The stunning Horse shoe Bend in Arizona,USA

Horse shoe Bend

Horse shoe Bend at sunrise
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The stunning Horse shoe Bend is one of the best must-see scenic views when you visit Arizona, USA. Being an extra-ordinary mother nature’s beauty, the spectacular and astonishing scenery is really worth visiting and viewing.

A side trip that will bring fun and excitement for nature lovers that cost nothing but a little effort of hiking. The bend is located near the town of Page, Arizona, accessible through a ¾ mile walk from the parking area which is just off highway 89 south of Page.

The Horseshoe bend formation is made of sandstone and slick rocks, famously known as the King Bend. It is within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and the Colorado River downstream Glen canyon Dam, which holds back Lake Powell. It is worth taking pictures as it can be viewed from the steep cliff above.

A breathtaking landscape with a panoramic view at more than 3,000 feet above sea level.



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The famous Rose Parade in Pasadena

The Rose parade also known as The Tournament of Roses Parade is annually held in Pasadena, California. It is a must watch festival of flower-covered floats in different themes and motifs, marching bands, equestrians and the Rose Bowl college football game on New Year’s Day, created and produced by the non-profit Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association.

rose parade in pasadena

one of the beautifully designed floats

Rose Parade Program of Activities in 2006

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Visiting England and the Ebor races


The London Eye
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When travelling to England there are some very important and 100% British things you must do. Firstly on the to do list you must include visiting all the most famous monuments such as Windsor castle, Big Ben, The London eye, Stone Henge and any other you can fit into your time. You must also have a true English cup of tea! Because although you might find it odd, Tea with milk in it can actually be quite nice when done right, personally I recommend a Bettys tearoom because even though they are expensive they make exceptionally nice tea and scones.  Continue reading

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Fancy Expeditions, new header design

As you may have noticed, this blog is sporting a new header design, exclusively made by my son JM, my blogging partner and co-author of Techno Grub.

Fancy Expeditions’ new header

The old pixilated header design was now sent to the trash bin lol. He surprised me last week through sending this new header via email, so this is the one that he has been doing during his rest days from his job.  I really appreciate and love its unique creation, therefore I immediately published my new header.

fancy expeditions

the old header

My sincerest gratitude to you my son, thank you so much, hoping you’ll also find time for the headers of my other blogs :)


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An Essential Checklist for Last Minute Holidaymakers

Last minute holidays offer some of the best prices on stints in the sun. Cheap holidays abroad don’t get better than this!

While you’ve made significant savings, be sure not to lose your mind, and be sure you’ve got all the essentials sorted for your bargain break abroad.

  1. Vaccinations

With so little time left before you fly, check with your doctor as soon as possible regarding any urgent vaccinations you may need.

2.   Entry Requirements

When you book your holiday you should be advised of your destination’s legal entry requirements. Apply for any visas as soon as possible once your holiday is confirmed.   Continue reading

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