A New Year for New Travels and Adventures

Fancy Expeditions wishes each and every traveler, explorer, adventurer and holidaymaker a Happy New Year.

new year

photo credits: in.com

Let 2013 be an entirely fresh start towards new travel itineraries, wonderful expeditions for a safe and superb journey for people who love to hop and wander from one place to another.

May your routes, trips and vacations be full of excitement, fun and pleasure with your loved ones.

Kick start with a new travel schedule with the New Year ahead. Cheers!

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Taking a Holiday Shopping Trip in Paris

parisShopping for the holidays? Considering Paris as the place to shop can be fun. Paris not only has enormous stores to shop in the country as you can also enjoy shopping on the streets. Paris has everything you would want for your fashion needs. In Paris, most people you’ll see on the streets are dressed in high fashions. We all are aware that Paris is known for their stylish fashions, yet at many shopping malls the prices are affordable that will fit your budget making Paris’s pricey fashions deceiving. Therefore, when it comes to shopping you are in fashion haven when you shop at Paris.

How to choose six of Paris’s best stores:

1. Christian Louboutin is one of Paris’s top selling stores. The store has a fashionable display, i.e. one of its kind shoes. You will find the perfect pair of shoes that suit all your family needs.

2. Emporio Armani is a great store in Paris to shop as well. The store is well known for its casual wear to custom suits. The store has four floors to shop, which it has nearly anything you could image on the shelves.  Continue reading

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Getting to Know the World’s Highest National Park

Every country has their own national parks including those that are covered with ice like Tibet. Just recently, China opened the world’s highest national park at altitude called Qomolangma National Park. It has a total area of 78,000 square kilometers comprising six counties.


photo credits: traveldailynews.asia

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It’s an IPAD with Retina Display Giveaway, Join Now!!


This blog Fancy Expeditions along with other co-sponsors is giving away the coolest gadget in town this Christmas season, the latest iPad  with Retina display.   Continue reading

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