How To Survive An RV Holiday With The Family

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There are few better ways to see the world than from the road. Waking up in a new town every morning, and exploring the country is like nothing else. Getting off the beaten track, and ploughing your own course is the only way to holiday! We’ve done the full stretch of America in an RV, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Spending that much time in a small space with the whole family isn’t easy! Sure, you’ll have a wonderful time, but how do you avoid the arguments, and the mood swings? We know that one small thing can set the family off, so how do you keep everyone happy?


Pack light


The number one rule here is to pack only what you need! The RV might look enormous from the outside, but just wait until you fill it with five people and their suitcases. There’s no room for unnecessary items. They’ll get in everyone’s way, and the lack of space will start to get frustrating.


Choose a modern RV


If you’re buying an RV or travel trailer, look for the best one you can afford. Ideally, you’ll want one with air conditioning (nothing causes trouble like heat and humidity!) A little bit of homeliness goes a long way too. An RV with a comfy sofa and modern kitchen facilities will really help you out. Best of all, a modern RV won’t break down in the middle of the Arizona desert! There are all sorts of RV models out there, follow the link to find out more.


Have a good breakfast


This is a simple trick, but trust us, it works wonders. We all get cranky when we haven’t eaten in awhile. Add that to the boredom of a seven hour drive, and moods are going to turn south! That’s why a good, hearty breakfast is the best way to start the day. It gets everyone’s spirits up, and gives everyone plenty of energy for the road ahead.


Embrace the lifestyle


If you’re going to survive a long RV holiday, you’ve got to embrace the lifestyle and enjoy it. This isn’t a five-star hotel resort, it’s a traveling adventure! It’s a little bit rough-and-ready. Embrace spontaneity, and enjoy the journey! To expect anything else is only going to send your mood spiralling downwards.


Load up on travel games


An RV holiday is likely to involve long hours on the road. We’re talking six-seven hours straight in the most remote parts of America. It’s up to you to keep the morale going, and keep the spirits high. A good pack of travel games will help keep everyone busy and entertained. Choose your favourites, and find new ways to keep them interesting.


Let everyone choose a stop or activity


A good holiday should involve every member of the family. Everyone should get a say, and that means each choosing an activity or a place to stop. It makes sure that everyone gets to do something they want along the way. It’s a great trick to keep the peace, and you’ll see and do things you weren’t expecting.


Get it right, and it might just be your best holiday yet!

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Covent Garden: The Perfect Holiday Celebration Spot in London

Covent Garden has become a favourite spot for families or couples who wish to experience a perfect holiday in London.  From November to January, Covent Garden is lit up with colorful lights and an amazing array of Christmas decorations. Special events, shows, Christmas carols, sales and food bazaar make this district a celebration spot that will surely beat those blues away.


Covent Garden Christmas Decorations

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The best way to start planning for a wonderful London break in Covent Garden is to find a lovely hotel in the vicinity. There are beautiful hotels with great emphasis on British traditions which are perfect for couples and families such as the Rosewood Hotel in London. Surprise your loved ones with a luxurious stay in a restored Edwardian Mansion and enter via a carriageway and courtyard when you stay in Rosewood Hotel. Such experience will surely complete your British getaway in the most exciting way!



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Within Covent Garden, you can explore smaller areas which remind you so much of the British history and culture. Here you can explore the traffic-free Covent Garden Market Piazza and Floral Street which is known world-wide for freshest fruits, colorful blooms, al fresco dining and some live entertainment. You may also find the Royal Opera House along Bow Street. It houses the Royal Ballet, the Royal Opera and Orchestra.


covent garden tube station

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Other interesting places to visit within the district are the Theater Royal which is London’s oldest theater and the London Transport Museum. The museum houses more or less 80 road and rail vehicles that represent different public transport around the city. Covent Garden is also best known as a shopping haven. Premium brands have opened up shops in the area and you can find them at the Opera Quarter, Seven Dials and the St Martin’s Courtyard. Quirky and craft stalls as well as emerging designer boutiques can also be found at the heart of the Covent Garden market.

Foodies will also love hanging out at Covent Garden for its diverse range of restaurant and bars. You can find delicious French food, Indian meals and spicy Mexican Street Food around the area.  Whatever budget you have for food, you can find something worth munching on – from affordable pre-theater pizza to elegant meals from Michelin-starred restaurants. You may also want to try out the Rules, London’s oldest restaurant to date.

When planning a quick holiday escape, keep in mind that everything peaks up during Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. You might want to consider booking your stay somewhere in between these two occasions to avoid the hustle and bustle. It may also be the best time for you to rest and relax after all the busy-ness of the holiday.

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Three Ways to Shake up Your Holiday Traditions

Most families have holiday traditions that date back decades. Whether it includes cooking and sharing a meal together or a family game night, the holidays are the best time of the year for catching up and spending time together. While you may have long held traditions for your holidays, it might also be time for a change or a new tradition. Whatever the reason, it can be fun to shake up your holiday traditions with something new. Read on for three great ideas to add something new to your holidays this season.

Go Out for Dinner



While cooking is a great holiday tradition, it can also lead to stress and tension. Rather than spending all day preparing a meal, consider going out for dinner. This can take the pressure off of the chef and provide more time for family bonding. You can also try something new. While many restaurants offer traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas suppers, a number of other restaurants are also open during the holidays. Consider spicing things up and getting Chinese instead.


Plan a Family Getaway



A great way to spend the holidays is by taking a family getaway. Whether you are looking for a far away adventure or a quiet retreat, a family getaway is an outstanding way to spend the holidays. Consider companies such as beavers bend cabin rentals, which offer cozy, self-catering log cabin accommodation. You may also be interested in renting a home near the beach. No matter what your preference, this is a great way to shake up your traditions during the holiday season.


Consider Sending Your Day Volunteering



Finally, a wonderful new tradition to start this holiday season is volunteering. Whether you go as an individual or as a family, there are numerous soup kitchens and shelters across the nation in need of volunteers during the holiday season. Find a place that can use your help and spend a few hours helping out those less fortunate. This is a tradition that will surely stick with you and yours for years to come.

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Staying safe on your cruise holiday

Cruising is one of the safest forms of travel but there are a few things to be mindful of whilst sailing the high seas. Ships in port signal to many local people wealth and naivety so you can easily become a target of crime. But don’t worry, most of the locals love tourists for the honest trade they bring to their home, just be aware some see it as an opportunity to pickpocket, rob and scam.



Don’t get fleeced

Although, you may be perfectly safe in the hands of a local taxi driver you’re probably going to get ripped off. It is often a good idea to agree a price before you get on the road. Google journey prices beforehand so you have a rough idea of how much a journey should cost and if possible ask the concierge to order you a taxi before you leave the ship so you know it is a reputable driver. Staff on board the Bolsover Cruise Club’s ships are usually very knowledgeable and can fill you in on areas to avoid.

Sometimes it can get so busy in the ports that tourists can be so desperate for a taxi they will get in an unlicensed car, especially when there is only limited time to see a certain place. This can make you extremely vulnerable to high prices and angry locals who may not take so kindly if you don’t pay up.


Do your research

If you’re heading to a country which is particularly known for street crime or scamming read up on this beforehand and be aware. Most cities are rife for pickpockets so always ensure your wallet/purse is kept in a safe location and ladies make sure your handbag has a zip and if possible wear it across your body.


Avoid hot spots

A lot of thieves often work in gangs where one member may distract you by stopping to ask you a question or try to entice you to play a game when the other member strikes and another will run away with your money- this is a very popular technique so try to not get involved in street games. If you have to stop make sure you know where your valuables are at all times and don’t get distracted. Crowded tourist areas are usually hot spots for this type of crime such as in Barcelona on the Las Ramblas.

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Planning A Luxury Holiday With A Disability

Once upon a time, going on holiday as a disabled person was nigh impossible – with difficulties accessing public transport, having to manage with small bedrooms and bathrooms, and staff who didn’t know how to help. Fortunately, today travelling with disabilities is becoming easier and easier, and luxury travel is easily within reach as equipment and transport becomes more affordable, perfect for a family holiday or a little R&R.



Choosing A Resort

When looking for accessible accommodation, it can sometimes be easier to look for newer buildings and businesses, as they are more likely to have inbuilt accessibility options – there’s no point booking a stay in a converted period manor to find that there’s no wheelchair ramp.

Alternatively, cruise holidays for people with disabilities are becoming increasingly popular as they cater to all of your needs – cabins are made to have all the necessary equipment, the restaurants can cater to all dietary needs, and sports, leisure, and entertainment facilities are all included and have something for everyone. When booking, it can be helpful to speak directly to the staff over the phone and give clear details of your requirements, so they can have everything ready when you arrive.


Organising Travel

Public transport is too often the most difficult part of planning a holiday – with underground stations often having limited access for wheelchair users, deaf, or blind people. However, there is information available online to ensure that you can make your journey as smoothly as possible: Transport For London have an accessibility map (as do other transport providers abroad), and most drivers and station staff are happy to direct you to your correct train or bus. Alternatively, consider hiring a car and taking a road trip to your destination – this makes it much easier for travelling with children, and can sometimes be more suitable than having to change at different stations along the way.


Making Your Itinerary

Once you’ve checked in, you can explore your destination. Websites such as Independent Traveller provide guides written for and by disabled holidaymakers to recommend sites and share tips, and these are invaluable for pre-holiday research. Additionally, your travel agent or concierge should be able to advise you on anything in the region – be it whether that historic castle has wheelchair access, or where to grab dinner afterwards.


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