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5 Things You Need To See In Zanzibar

5 Things You Need To See In Zanzibar

Lots of us dream of an incredible vacation destination. You may be a keen traveler and love to explore different countries. But there is one country that is relatively new to outside interest. Tanzania has an amazing history but has recently become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. And one small part of Tanzania that is attracting a lot of interest is Zanzibar. Here are 5 reasons why you need to make Zanzibar your destination of choice this year:

Nungwi, Zanzibar
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  1. The islands of Zanzibar produce the most incredible spices. This means that the cuisine of the region is rich in flavor and full of the freshest tastes you can get. In fact, Pemba Island was once the world’s leading clove producer. The markets in the towns and cities are known for their high fragrance, and they are certainly worth a visit.
  2. Zanzibar has its own international airport serving several airlines. This means it is easier than ever to reach this beautiful destination. Of course, the best way to reach the islands is by boat. The waters are warm and blue, and the coastline is made up of white sandy beaches. These are the main reason so many tourists come to stay in Zanzibar.
  3. It has become so popular with tourists that there are now several notable Zanzibar resorts to enjoy as part of your stay. Many offer you access to tours that include the mainland Tanzania and the other islands of the archipelago. This means you can enjoy everything this beautiful region has to offer. The accommodation could provide you with everything you’re looking for in a vacation of a lifetime.
  4. The wildlife on Zanzibar is quite extraordinary and well worth finding out more about. There are tales of sightings of the Zanzibar leopard. Sadly it seems this beautiful cat has become extinct. But you may have a chance to spot the red colobus monkey that is native to the region. There is also a servaline genet that may delight visitors who capture a glimpse.
  5. When most of us think of Africa, we think of Safaris and wildlife watching. But there is also a great deal of marine life to see too. The Mnarani Marine Turtles Conservation Pond is quite a small site but one worth investing your time in. After all, how often do you get to enjoy making a difference to the conservation of a species? You can feed them or even swim with them if you like. It can be a beautiful experience that will provide lifelong memories. Or you can make the most of the knowledgeable people there who are more than happy to inform and educate the visitors on a one-on-one basis. You could also add a sea excursion to your to-do list and engage in some dolphin or whale watching too.
Zanzibar Sunset
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Zanzibar can feel like a world away from home. It is small but part of an enormous continent offering so much to the traveler or vacationer. Best of all, it’s warm all year round. When will you visit this extraordinary place?

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Travel To Darwin Made Simple

Travel To Darwin Made Simple

Darwin, Australia’s only tropical city, isn’t as well known as Sydney or Melbourne but it’s most definitely worth a visit. Here there’s a very different pace of life to the busier and more touristy cities that Australia is famous for. Surrounded by rugged countryside, including Kakadu National Park and a selection of beautiful beaches. As well as an array of vibrant cultures, Darwin shows travellers a different side of Australia.

If we’ve persuaded you to give Darwin a go, you’re most probably wondering how to get things moving. The good news is that planning a trip to this amazing city doesn’t have to be stressful; it’s just a case of being organised. To make planning your trip easier, here’s what you need to do:

Get your plane tickets booked


Airplane Take Off

The first step to spending some time exploring Darwin is to get your flights booked. Get an idea of the cost of your tickets and then spend some time working out when the best time to travel is. To give your trip that luxe feel, treat yourself to first class plane tickets. This will ensure that your flight is as enjoyable as possible.

The great thing about visiting Darwin is the city has its own airport, which means no lengthy or expensive transfer times. Even so, it’s still worth booking transfers to your hotel in advance; else you could end up waiting for hours for a taxi.

Choose your accommodation


Executive Premier Room - Novotel Century Hong Kong Hotel.jpg

Just like all major cities, Darwin has various accommodation options to choose from. There are hotels, villas, and all sorts of other options to choose from. Before you choose where to stay, take the time to do a little research. Use Tripadvisor to get an idea of all the best hotels, so that you can find a suitable one.

Three of the best hotels in the city are said to be the Hilton Darwin, Darwin Central Hotel, and Vibe Hotel Darwin Waterfront. To find out more about these hotels, have a look at their websites – this should give you an idea of whether they’re suitable for you.

Plan your itinerary




Last, but not least, in preparation for your trip, you need to plan your itinerary. There are plenty of things to do in Darwin, from sunbathing on Mindil beach to exploring Territory Wildlife Park. Take your time browsing the different sights and attractions to get an idea of what you would like to see and do while you are there.

Once you know what you fancy doing, the next step is to create an itinerary. Write a list of everything that you want to see and do and then work out what you will do when. You may find that some activities only require half a day, so on those days, you can fit two things in. Having an itinerary in place is essential if you want to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

There you have it, everything that you need to do to make travelling to Darwin much more simple. Take the above tips on board and you can ensure that your trip to this tropical city goes without a hitch.


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There is a Little Bit of Everything for Best Israel Tours

There is a Little Bit of Everything for Best Israel Tours

Israel - Jerusalem - The Old City - 166
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For a small country like Israel, it means a so much if they could get in a lot of tourists. The good thing about Israel is that despite it’s small size, it has a lot to offer when it comes to best Israel tours with all of the tourists sites that you can find in just about any part of the country. Obviously, there is no second guessing that pilgrimages of the religious kinds are what drive the tourism industry of this country and provides work for many people who work as an Israel travel guide.

Best Israel Tours for Religious Sites

There is no other country that encompasses the number of religious sites for pilgrimages than Israel. Best Israel tours have Jerusalem at the top of travelers’ lists citing that these travelers would like to visit the places like the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Sepulchre. These are just a few of the sites found within the boundaries of the Old City so ask your Israel travel guide to show them to you. But aside from these religious sites, there is a lot more to see around Israel in a secular manner. The Northern city of Haifa has the perfect mix of religious and secular sites that people can enjoy. For the religious, there is the Baha’i faith home. And for those who want some fun, they can enjoy the beaches of this coastal city.  For those who want modern amenities and a bustling art scene, they can go to Tel Aviv. Aside from malls and restaurants, Tel Aviv is also known for its’ beaches. Your Israel travel guide will show you these and many other interesting places.

Popular sites your Israel travel guide should show you

There is a lot to see in the Holy Land of Israel. These are just of the few that you should include in your best Israel tours travel plans in the future.

  1. The architecture of Tel Aviv. This is known as Bauhaus Architecture and it seen in a big majority of all the buildings in this modern city.
  2. A visit to the old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall
  3. The Coenaculum where Jesus Christ had his last supper. This dining room is located in another historic site – Mount Zion. Another interesting fact about Mount Zion is that it serves home to the remains of King David.
  4. A surreal experience would be to try to float on the Dead Sea. This has the highest salinity percentage of all bodies of water which makes sinking impossible.
  5. Have a walk through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. This quarter is called the Mea Sharim.
  6. Up North is all about the relaxing beach resorts of Haifa and the gardens surrounding Baha’i.

Surely there is a lot that one can do when it comes to traveling to the Holy Land and finding a knowledgeable Israel travel guide to show you all that you want to see and more. The reason for this is that Israelis have a way of adapting to the modern times and yet give a lot of importance to their history and religious ancestry. There is no way that Israelis will let go of all their riches of the past and yet they would also love to build for the future. This is the characteristic that has enthralled many visit to arrange a best Israel tours.

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Discover The Charm and Sophistication Of Mykonos This Summer

Discover The Charm and Sophistication Of Mykonos This Summer

The Greek Islands are perennial high fliers when it comes to summer holidays, but they’re not all about sun, sea and sand. Mykonos has emerged as one of the most sophisticated island destinations and it has plenty to offer those looking for a chic escape in 2016.


When to visit Mykonos

The Greek Islands are blessed with beautiful weather for most of the year. You’ll be guaranteed sunshine between April and October. At the height of the summer, the mercury can hit well over 30 degrees. If you prefer temperatures a little cooler, visit in June or September. Although Mykonos is growing in popularity year on year, you won’t have to battle through crowds to get to a bar or reserve a sunbed. Visit outside of school holidays to take advantage of deserted beaches and lower prices.


Mykonos, Greece
Image credit: Richard Martin –


Where to stay

Although it’s only a small island, Mykonos is well-appointed in terms of accommodation. You can stay anywhere from budget hotels to 5-star luxury resorts. If you’re travelling as part of a group, or you’re seeking peace and privacy, why not research Mykonos villas? Mykonos Town, also known as Chora, is charming by day and bustling by night. If you’re after beach clubs and lively waterfront bars, it’s probably best to stay within walking distance. For a more relaxed retreat, head to Platys Gialos or Agios Ioannis.


What to do

Mykonos is visually stunning, and it’s well worth taking some time to explore. Once you’ve sampled the ice cream and cocktails in cosmopolitan Little Venice, explore some cultural gems. Make for the church at Panagia  Paraportiani. This beautiful traditional whitewashed church is made of four small but perfectly formed chapels. Round the day off with a visit to the Archeological Museum for a fascinating local history lesson.


No visit to Mykonos is complete with at least a few days at the beach. Sip cocktails and listen to live music at Paradise Beach or recline on the golden sands of Paranga Beach. At Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach, you can easily stretch your stay well into the early hours. DJs take over the decks as night falls and you can dance until you drop. Ornos Beach is a family favourite. With shallow, clear waters and plenty of amenities, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy a day of splashing around and building sandcastles. You can travel to the main beaches by boat taxis. If you have time, hop around to experience the different atmospheres and appreciate the wonderful scenery.


Elias Beach on Mykonos.JPG
By Squirmy2000 at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Quadell using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,


Take your pick of incredible restaurants and traditional tavernas. Taste authentic dishes and enjoy lazy al fresco lunches. Think tables overlooking the port dotted with freshly prepared dishes to graze and enjoy at your leisure. Best-sellers include gyros, souvlaki, Greek salads and kleftiko.


If you’re looking for a sun-drenched island paradise for your next summer holiday, look no further than Mykonos. You can chill out and escape the crowds, enjoy some retail therapy, or hit the town and sample the vibrant nightlife. Embrace the culture, try the incredible cuisine and take in the spectacular panoramic views.

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The Best Historical Holiday Destinations In Europe

The Best Historical Holiday Destinations In Europe

Most of us think of sun, sea and sand when it comes to planning a summer holiday. This year, why not combine splashing around with some sightseeing? Recharge those batteries, soak up the sun and discover the finest historical holiday destinations in Europe. If you’re interested in ancient civilisations, or you have a passion for archeology, here are some suggestions to inspire you.

Greek Islands

Home to pristine white sand beaches and charming rustic villages, the Greek Islands are a perfect spot to enjoy a tranquil escape. Ancient Greece was a powerhouse and thankfully, there are many remnants of this fascinating era on display. Discover the ruins of Knossos in Crete and follow in the famous footsteps of King Minos and the Minotaur. Catch the ferry to Santorini to take in the captivating views of whitewashed houses and blue domes. Visit the bronze age village at Akrotiri. Flee crowds of holidaymakerswith a boat trip to the island of Aegina, where you’ll find the Aphaia Temple. Head over to Mykonos and catch a ferry to Delos, a UNESCO world heritage site. Meander at your leisure and enjoy being transported back in time.

Oia, Santorini
Image credit: David Sender –


Spain is blessed with numerous historic sites, and you can enjoy all kinds of sightseeing and archeological tours. Highlights include Alcazaba of Almeria, the Alhambra in Granada and Altamira Cave. If you’ve watched Indiana Jones, you may be familiar with the sight of Alcazaba de Almeria. This fortified hill, which dates back to 900AD, is a frequent film star. Head south to Granada to discover the iconic Alhambra. This impressive structure, which started life as a modest fortress, has strong Moorish influences. Take time to peruse the Islamic art and enjoy the views over the city from the top. Those interested in early cave art will relish the opportunity to visit Altamira. Some of the world’s finest examples of Paleolithic art are on display here.

image via


Turkey is an intriguing land, which embodies the fusion between east and west. Eastern Turkey boasts a fascinating blend of ancient castles, temples and villages, which have defied the test of time. There’s scope to learn something new around every corner here. Visit Mount Nemrud to see the Tomb of Antiochus and take a stroll around Gobekli Tepe, one of the world’s oldest temples. Wander through the numerous ruins and fortresses. These battlegrounds reflect the unease and political struggles between eastern and western nations.

Head west to discover the archaeological wonders of Troy and Ephesus. The Temple of Artemis, one of the Ancient Wonders of the World, is particularly noteworthy.

Temple of Artemis Sardis Turkey.jpg
By simonjenkins’ photosFlickr: Temple of Artemis, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Many of us flock to Europe each summer to enjoy sun-drenched days on the beach, but there’s so much more to see and do. Take a walk back in time, learn about ancient civilisations and be grateful for the chance to see some of the most incredible sights in the world. Book a tour to maximise your time and learn as much as possible and travel around as much as you can. You’ll head home with amazing memories, sun-kissed skin and an appreciation of times gone by.

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