My Guide To The Perfect Hiking Vacation


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Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a great love for hiking adventures. There’s no better way to see the world, in my opinion. All that fresh air, the health benefits, and the spectacular scenery that you will take in are unbeatable. But – what makes the perfect hiking trip? I thought I would draw on my years of experience and answer that question for your today. Let’s get started with the basics.

Where to go

The world is your oyster when it comes to hiking trips. But, if you are just starting out, I would advise on sticking to your level. There are some spectacular places in this country alone, but they aren’t all hospitable. I would hate it if you were to get lost, or have an accident. You will need to be at a reasonable level regarding fitness – and I would also suggest going with friends. Start with small trips, and get used to walking long distances before you start going up mountainous regions and tougher trails. is a great starting point for any level of hiker looking for a new challenge.


The most important item of clothing you will bring with you is your footwear. I strongly recommend splashing out on a pair of high-quality hiking boots if you are going to be serious about it. They will give you more grip when going over harsh terrain, and will also stop you getting blisters and other foot issues. Sneakers are OK, depending on the terrain – and you can also try a pair of Vibrams. Other than that, it depends on the weather. You should always wear pants – especially if you are going through woods and forest trails. And, make sure that you wear a bright jacket that can keep out the rain, and make you easier to see in the case of an accident.

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What to take

Any hiker worth their salt will have a backpack with them while on their travels. You’ll need lots of water, and some high energy snacks to keep you going. Sunscreen is essential – whatever the weather. The sun’s rays can get to you even if it’s cloudy. A first aid kit is another must-have and bring some insect repellant to stay comfortable if you are camping. Don’t forget about a vehicle, either. A lot of the best hiking trails are miles away from anywhere, and you might need an RV or SUV to get you into some of the most inhospitable places. Finally, don’t forget a camera. The thing I love most about hiking is that you see so much with your own eyes, but capturing those moments for posterity is something you must do!

Final plans

Before you go on your trip, always tell someone where you are going – including the route you intend to take. It’s also a good idea to study the area you are visiting and make sure that you know all the meeting points in case anyone gets lost. Bring a compass and a map, too. A smartphone comes in handy, of course; but less so when you are out in the wilderness with no battery or signal.

OK, so that just about wraps it up for now. Happy hiking, folks!

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How To Survive Long Haul Flights With Ease

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Aeroplanes may be fantastic for flying us around the world, but they aren’t always the most comfortable transport option. Even the most experienced flyers can find long hauls flights highly uncomfortable. Instead of enjoying the journey you can spend the entire time wishing you were somewhere else. If you are also an uneasier flyer your anxieties can be exacerbated further if you don’t feel comfortable. So instead of avoiding long haul flights and missing out on a whole host of adventures, use these tips to make your experience more comfortable.


Get yourself prepared

Chances are that you know you are boarding a long haul flight weeks in advance. So there is no excuse for lack of planning and preparation. Use this time to find the best neck travel pillow, eye mask and headphones to take with you. Also, look for any other items that might add some more comfort to your flight. You can buy these items at the airport before you go but you may find they only have overpriced items with limited options. Remember to take some entertainment with you also. You may find your television screen is broken, leaving you bored for the duration of the flight. These items may take up valuable space in your hand luggage. But they will make your flying experience infinitely more comfortable. Long haul flights can feel a lot longer if you can’t sleep due to crying children, neck pains and bright lights.


Sleep beforehand

As stated above, planes are not ideal places to sleep in. Unless you have an entirely reclining chair in first class, it’s unlikely you will get a solid eight hours of sleep during your flight. So the night before you go, make sure you get plenty of rest. Even though you may be excited for your holiday or long term travelling, your body needs sleep to stay alert and healthy. Remember even when you reach the airport you will have long queues and hours of waiting around before you even get on the plane. Then when you reach your destination, you need to get to your accommodation and unpack. This makes for an incredibly long day and not sleeping beforehand could make you feel terrible throughout your journey.


In Transit

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Move around the cabin

Sitting still for hours on end is never a good thing. It’s vital that you keep your blood flowing while you are on board. Not doing so can result in cramps, blood clots, strokes and heart attacks. Make sure you stretch your legs by going to the bathroom every so often. If you have to wait, do some light stretches or walk up and down the aisle a few times. This will encourage your blood to flow normally and will make you feel a lot better. You can also move around in your seat but try not to annoy the person sitting next to you.


These tips will help make your flight a far more enjoyable experience. Now you know how to survive a long haul flight with ease, you can start making some exciting travel plans.





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Planning An Authentic Experience in California

The United States is by far the most appealing tourist destination in the world. Because of its vast size and with diversity in abundance, you will never be short of things to do. On top of that, California is perhaps the most popular location in the entirety of America. There are connotations of the state that lead people to flock towards it in their numbers. You’ll have no problem finding any number of articles that urge you to check out Hollywood Hills.

This one, though, is going to be a little bit different. I’m not going to give you all of the obvious landmarks that you need to try before you die. No, rather, this guide is intended to shed some light on some of the lesser-mentioned activities to be shared in California. Whether you’ve already crossed all of the obvious ones off your bucket list, or you’re just bored of hearing about them, this is for you.

California offers the chance for limitless possibilities thanks to its diversity. If you want to experience the state in an authentic way, then I implore you to give these a whirl. I guarantee you’ll slip under the radar of the casual tourist.


In-N-Out Cheeseburger with grilled onions and Animal Style Fries

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No matter where you go on your trip, you’re going to need sustenance. And since you’re in the area, why not stop by and try yourself an authentic In-N-Out Burger? Even if you’ve had one before, I guarantee there is no substitute for the authentic original. The very first restaurant in this chain can be found in Southern California. And experts will claim that it is by far and away the best burger you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. Use the location guide to find the nearest chain to you at You’re welcome.


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For those of you that like to spend your time pushing yourself to the very limit, California is a playground filled with everything you need. Take its vast mountain terrain, for example. It offers you the chance to really test your endurance and reward yourself for success. If and when you reach the top, you’ll be blessed with some of the most incredible sights. They’ll live longer in the memory than any trip to a usual landmark, trust me. Visit to discover the best hiking trails in California.


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You might wonder why a ski trip can be considered an exclusive to California. Well, let me tell you. If you’ve never experienced Lake Tahoe in all its glory, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. Many people, much smarter than I am, consider this to be the most beautiful setting on earth. For you geography buffs, it’s also the second deepest lake in all of America. The crystal clear water perfectly reflects the blue sky, making is a stunning view. The slopes surrounding the lake themselves make this simply perfect for any would-be skier to really push themselves to the limit. Check out my guide to looking stylish on the slopes at


There you have it. Next time you’re planning a trip to the West Coast, make sure you defy convention. You need to experience the genuine California if you’re to really make it a trip worth remembering.

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Tips For The Most Luxurious Ski Trip Ever

So you’ve decided that the time has come to plan a ski trip, and can’t wait to get everything planned out. Perhaps you’ve been saving up for a while or have come into some money, and so, plan on enjoying a ski trip fit for royalty, no expense spared. (Well, almost no expense spared.)

Skiing can make a fantastic vacation, as long as you’re organized about, that is. Ask any seasoned skiing expert, and they’ll tell you that the key to skiing vacation success is planning. Take the time to plan out every last detail of your trip and you can ensure that you have the most amazing time.

Don’t stay in a hotel

Champagne hot tub - Valentine's Day - Piperdam, Fowlis, Angus, Scotland

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Often, when we think of luxury, we think of lavish hotel rooms. However, when it comes to skiing, hotels rooms aren’t the most high-end accommodation option. Oh no, for ultimate alpine luxury, ski chalets are your best option. Complete with housekeepers, champagne, and private hot tubs and saunas, if you want luxury, go for a chalet.

Travel via first class

There’s nothing luxurious about traveling on a cramped plane, squashed up in a tiny seat. For a break that screams luxury from start to finish, opt for the finer things. This means that instead of settling for regular plane tickets, opt for first class seats instead. You’ll be more comfortable, have more legroom, and might even get offered a free glass of champagne if you opt to travel first class. It might cost more, but it’s more than worth it.

Research all the best restaurants

Want your trip to be as luxurious as possible? Before you go, spend some time researching all the best restaurants. Regardless of the resort that you choose, you’ll find that there will be a selection of venues to eat in. Some luxurious, and others more family-orientated. So it’s a good idea to do some research beforehand, to ensure that you know all the best places to eat and drink. For finding all of the nicest places at your resort and in the surrounding area, TripAdvisor is fantastic.

Treat yourselves to queue jump ski passes


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Instead of buying regular ski passes, contact the resort to ask whether they offer any enhanced options. For instance, some resorts offer queue jump ski passes, and others offer access to extra lifts, and so on. So if you want a break that’s truly luxurious, it’s a good idea to think about these things beforehand.

Spoil yourself with the newest skis

To make your trip, even more, memorable, why not spoil yourself with a pair of the newest skis? If you normally rent your skis or have been using old equipment for a while, now is the time to treat yourself. Visit your local skiing or sports store and have a browse of all the newest skiing gear, to see if there’s anything that you want to invest in.

Want to make your next skiing trip as luxurious as possible? Then make sure to take note of the tips above.

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Road Trippin’: 5 Things You Need To Know

Road Trip

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Some of the great stories of our time took place on a road trip. Countless films and novels are devoted to Route 66 in America and the Pacific coast road. There is no better way to see the true heart of a country. It’s also an affordable way to travel, and you could make it part of your gap year. If your wanderlust is getting the better of you, perhaps it’s time to hitch up the wagon! But, before you embark on your journey, there are few things you should know. Trust us, we’ve done plenty of road trips in our time, and we wish we knew some of these tips sooner!


  1. Choose the perfect route

As much as we love the concept of hitting the open road and leaving the destination to chance, it’s a dangerous idea. Instead, make sure you set out with a rough route in mind. We know that road trips are all about spontaneity and adventure, but you need a little structure. At the very least, you need a destination in mind. That will give you something to aim for, and you can change course slightly along the way. Giving yourself a little structure allows you to plan the finances and practicalities.


  1. Pick a reliable and comfortable vehicle

There is nothing worse than breaking down on Route 66. Or anywhere else to be honest. Particularly in America, there are long stretches of road with no other cars to be seen. If you break down, you’re on your own, or you’re hitchhiking home. So, make sure you pick a reliable vehicle that won’t let you down. Don’t underestimate comfort either. Until you’ve spent eight hours in the same car you don’t know the pain! Ideally, the best option is buying a new travel trailer. That will give you plenty of room, and it’s reliable to boot.


  1. Travel in good company

Your road trip is only as good as the company you keep! A long trip is a real test of friendship, so you’ve got to get along well. Everyone gets tired, bored, and frustrated on a long road trip. It’s up to you to pick the right company. The best travel companions are laidback and easygoing. Things will often go wrong out on the road, and the last thing you want is panic and stress!


  1. Be spontaneous

Although we remind you to have a destination in mind, do embrace a little spontaneity. It’s what makes life exciting! If a particular turn-off looks intriguing, take it! If a local suggests a great spot, go and visit. Leave yourself open to new adventures and sites. Don’t stick to a tight schedule, but let yourself slowly float towards the destination.


  1. Take photos and a journal

Last of all, remember to take plenty of photos, and even a journal. You’ll want to capture every random moment, and remember it for years to come!


A road trip will take you on all sorts of wonderful adventures. Have you had a fantastic experience on the road? Let us know about it!

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