Everything You Need to Know About Organising a Business Trip in the US

Travel isn’t all about leisure, all of the time. Sometimes, we have to go for business. Although it’s technically working, a business trip is a great way to see the world. As long as you plan correctly! If you’re clever about organising your trip, then you may still get to enjoy your time away. One of the most popular destinations for business vacations is the US. With some of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, it’s no real surprise. To help you get the most out of your time away, I’ve put together this handy guide. Here’s how to organise a business trip in the US.



Visas and Travel Documents

You need to make sure that they’re actually going to let you in the country before you book anything at all. Those visiting America on business may have to apply for a visa and other travel documentation. It’s important to see what the laws are before you book up flights or accommodation. Applying for a visa can take some time, so be sure to do this well in advance. If your colleagues have visited the US on business before, ask them for some advice. What did they need to do? How long did it take? All of their answers will help you to get it right first time.


Booking Flights and Accommodation

Once you’re happy that you can actually get into the country, it’s time to book those flights and accommodation. Some companies may entrust this job to a member of HR or a personal assistant. Other times, you may be asked to do it yourself. Firstly, find out if there is a particular protocol for booking flights and accommodation. You may have a strict budget or have to do so through a recommended supplier. Next, find out what’s covered. Are you allowed to fly business class? Will you be staying in one of their corporate apartment rentals or a 3-star hotel? Are all meals going to be paid for by the company? It’s important you know exactly what the business covers and what you have to pay for yourself. You’re now ready to book your flights and accommodation.



Planning the Trip

If you want to make the most out of this time in the US, then you’re going to need to plan ahead. Chances are, most of your time will be filled with business meetings and impressing clients. However, you may get a few spare hours to explore. As long as you plan in advance, you’ll be able to see some of the sights that the city has to offer. Write up a schedule that includes all of the things you have to do for work. Don’t forget to include travelling times between each meeting! You’ll then be able to see how much time is left for play. Use a map to determine what areas you’ll be in when you’re finished up with each client. You can then choose which sights to explore, that are nearby. This will ensure you make the most out of the time you have available. From sunny Florida to bustling New York City, there will always be something to fill your time.


A business trip to the US doesn’t have to be all work and no play. As long as you follow this ultimate guide, you should be able to see some of the beautiful sights and attractions on offer as well. In fact, you’ll enjoy it so much you won’t be able to wait until the next business trip.


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Backpackers Cheat Sheet: 4 Surefire Ways to Safeguard Your Travel Essentials

image via pixabay.com

Generally speaking, backpackers are frugal creatures and it is completely understandable. The moment you hit the road, your finances go on a continuous dwindle. Each day it drops lower beyond your minimum balance, and each day you’re wishing to get an eastwest bank personal loan to hopefully extend your days on the road because really, your bank balance will also affect the time you can spend exploring the wonders of the world.


Money and budgeting is a foremost consideration when you want to travel, thus budget should start way before your step out the door into the unknown. Preparing your stuff properly will save you more cents in your adventure and give you greater peace of mind.


Waterproofing Your Pack

Most backpackers are idealistic about the weather on their upcoming trip and rely solely on the rain cover for protection. But what if your pack falls on the river or sea as you disembark from a boat? There are many cheap options for securing your stuff inside your pack. Line the inside of your backpack with a large , sturdy, plastic sack such as a well-washed fertilizer sack or rubble sack. Simply roll down when full and fold the remainder over then tuck tightly in the inside of your pack. With this kind of waterproofing you can calmly haul your pack on the rooftop of a jeepney bound for Sagada on a monsoon season!


Securing Your Backpack

Fortunately, there are pack security and secure packs especially suited for backpackers and travellers now. But they are not really that cheap! If you’re on a budget you can easily improvise using any 3mm diameter chicken wire from any hardware store to insert inside your pack to make it theft proof. You can also do a DIY cable to padlock and wrap around your pack and to attach your pack to a permanent fixture using materials from the hardware. These options may not be the most attractive means of securing your pack but it serves as a deterrent, and it also look a little less striking for thieves.


Protect Your Valuables

These days, many people travel with some or a lot of gadgets and valuables such as digital cameras, ipods, smartphone and a wallet full of the best credit cards in the Philippines. If you want to prolong their lives and protect them, be sure to have a small airtight container where you can keep them – like Tupperware! These plastic containers come in different sizes and shapes and they are your best bet in protecting sensitive electronics or small breakables and in keeping bits and pieces of your toiletries. After days, weeks or months of traveling, you will inevitable accumulate “things” and your will be thankful to have an extra Tupperware in your rucksack.


Ziplock your Documents

When travelling, you carry with your some essential documentation such as passports, ID’s, letter of invitations for visa purposes and others which you must always keep safe and protected. Keeping these documents including a few dollars is perfect for emergencies. Ziplocks or similar bags provide excellent protection against sudden downpours, accidental submersion or penetrating sweat.



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Simple Tips For A Faster Airport Experience

When you are just about to leave on a holiday of a lifetime, the last thing you want to happen is to spend a few hours milling around listlessly in an airport. It’s not the ideal start to your trip away, and it can be frustrating – especially if you have kids in tow with you.

But is there anything you can do about it? Well, there are quite a few things, to be honest. In this article, we’re going to take a look at several methods you can employ to cut down on the time you spend at the airport. And also give you a chance of avoiding those miserable moods that usually accompany it! Let’s get stuck in straight away.

Waiting, Rome, Italy - Street photography

Image by Giuseppe Milo, on Flickr – https://flic.kr/p/qMW5hv

Use A Smaller Airport

If you can fly from your local airport, then you can expect to be pushed through your checks much quicker than it takes from a large international-standard airport. The likes of Gatwick and Heathrow get busy because they have to usher through tens of thousands of people at any one time. Smaller airports tend to have excellent transport links, too, so you can reduce your journey time significantly.

Pack Less

Every single bag that you check in is going to eat up valuable time. Your best bet is to take hand luggage only, although this can obviously be a struggle if you are going away on a long trip. However, you can avoid those snaking queues if you can squeeze everything into a small enough bag. Some airlines also allow you to bring a laptop bag on board, free of charge. Try using that to store clothes instead, and you have another extension to your wardrobe that you didn’t even realise existed! You will also save time at the other end because you won’t have to wait for the baggage handlers to bring all of your cases out.

Check In At Home

If you don’t need to drop bags off, check in can be much easier. Do it online at home or, if you forget, use one of the many self-service machines that are dotted around most modern airports. In smaller airports that have less waiting time, you can shave an hour off the length of time you have to wait. Which isn’t bad going just for being organised!

Use A Private Jet

OK, some of you have probably just snorted out some coffee onto your screen. Of course, private jets aren’t for everyone. But if you want to avoid all those horrendous check in queues, security controls, and do the same on the other side, then there is no better way of traveling. There are plenty of companies like Stratos Private Jets that offer speedier boarding processes, and although they can be pricey, it can sometimes work out well. They are also great for those of you with younger children, as there will be more space for them to stretch their legs. And also, most importantly, they won’t annoy anyone else. Which – as any parent will tell you – can seem like it adds several hours on to any journey time.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more excellent tips on travel. Until next time!

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Travel Bag Must-haves – Take Less

When organizing your trip, you are usually preoccupied with many activities, concerning the booking of the tickets, preparing of the luggage and choosing the most desirable hotel. Normally, you make a list of all the things that you need to put in your suitcase but you may have observed that you rarely use even half of the things that you had taken with you.

All the gadgets, clothes and other accessories happen to be left somewhere deep in your suitcase, during the whole trip. If you are fed up with taking a lot of things with you for your vacation, the time for the travel must-haves list has finally home.

There are things that tend to be inseparable part of your journey and it is better to have these things at your disposal, whenever you are away from home. To experience non-problematic and excellent time, I personally advise you to take the following things with you and to enjoy your vacation in the best possible way.

Your Lovely Eye Mask

Ensuring a good quality of your sleep is essential for having nice time for your vacation. Whether you will use the mask during your flight or at your hotel room, it does not matter – the most important thing is that you will feel completely comfortable and relaxed. The eye mask is the ideal decision for the eliminating of the light and for ensuring the peace and comfort that you deserve.

Your Favourite Book

Even though nowadays the latest modernities in the technology allow you to read your favourite book on your Kindle or iPad, I advise you to choose a non-electronic option and to pick up one of your favourite books with yourself. While the technologies can always break down, the book is a reliable source of entertainment that could distract you while you are travelling. It is a perfect option for long-distance travelling, so do not forget to put one in your bag.

A Chewing Gum

It is needless to say that you need to maintain a proper hygiene in your mouth and that is why you need to have a chewing gum in your bag. Apart from this, after eating while you travel you had better refresh your breath, by taking one or two juicy or mint chewing gums.

Paper and Pen

Paper and pen could always become very useful, while you are travelling. You may want to write down some important information or address but if the battery of your mobile phone is low, the last option remains the pen and the paper. They won’t fill so much space in your bag and the can serve you in an excellent way for many emergency cases.

Water and Food

While you think that this would be the first must-haves at your list, I assure you that many people forget to take some food and water while they are travelling. It is due to the fact that they are too preoccupied with the arranging of the luggage and they miss to think of the most common things like a bottle of water and home prepared sandwich.

These are some of the must-haves for ensuring pleasant and undisturbed travel. Remove all the unnecessary stuff from your luggage and make a list of  the basic things that you want to take with you. Take into consideration the things that I have already mentioned and be prepared for your fascinating vacation. Forget about the heavy suitcases and bags and concentrate on the fascinating experiences that are awaiting for you. Clean your bag from the useless things and explore new places and destinations during your vacation.


The article is contributed by RemovalsMates SW12

Image by phasinphoto -freedigitalphotos.net

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5 Tips For Planning A Relaxing Getaway Without Getting Stressed

Is working driving you mad? Is your hectic family lifestyle too much to handle? Then it might be time to think about taking a break and getting away for a few days.

While a holiday is probably, just what you need, the idea of planning your trip might put you off. Planning a trip can be stressful, especially if you aren’t organised about it. But if you are well prepared, then planning a relaxing trip away should be as stress-free as the trip itself.

Here are our five top tips for planning a relaxing trip away without getting stressed:


  1. Brainstorm

It might sound a little odd, but the best way to find a destination that you and your travel buddy are both happy with is by brainstorming. Any destinations that come into your head write them down.

As well as just throwing destinations you like the sound of onto the board, it is also about choosing somewhere that can offer you the relaxing break you need. It is important to think carefully about this, if you choose the wrong destination, you could go home more stressed than when you left.

Narrow it down to three destinations and do some research on each of them. The best way to do this is via the internet and by asking other people who have visited them for advice.


  1. What causes your travel stress?

If travelling itself stresses you out, ask yourself what it is that causes you to become stressed. Is it travelling via a plane? Is it all the waiting around? Is it the worry of missing a flight? Is there a certain form of transport that makes your stress worse?

Think about what causes you to become stressed when travelling and try to find ways to get around it. For example, if using buses causes you stress, book a taxi from the airport instead. Or, if plane travel causes you to become stressed, consider taking a ferry or train instead.


  1. Choose your accommodation wisely

The aim of your trip is to relax and unwind, so it is important to choose accommodation that will allow you to do that. Instead of opting for a family-friendly hotel, why not choose an adult only hotel or a spa hotel in Bali? Give yourself a proper chance to relax and unwind by choose suitable accommodation.



4. Don’t plan to do too much

Although there will probably be a few things that you want to see and do while you are away, don’t plan to do too much. Instead, focus on having time to relax and unwind.

If you try to fit too much in, you will only end up stressing yourself out. Stick to a maximum of one activity a day, and spend the rest of the time relaxing at your hotel.

     5. Don’t start your trip stressed

Start your trip as you mean to go on, and don’t leave stressed. Instead, book an extra two days off work before your trip so that you can spend some time relaxing beforehand. Plus, having a couple of days free before you trip, will give you time to prepare everything and get organised.

If you are feeling tense, make an appointment for a massage the day before you travel. This will help relieve tension in your muscles and should make you feel happier and more relaxed.

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