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Staying safe on your cruise holiday

Staying safe on your cruise holiday

Cruising is one of the safest forms of travel but there are a few things to be mindful of whilst sailing the high seas. Ships in port signal to many local people wealth and naivety so you can easily become a target of crime. But don’t worry, most of the locals love tourists for the honest trade they bring to their home, just be aware some see it as an opportunity to pickpocket, rob and scam.



Don’t get fleeced

Although, you may be perfectly safe in the hands of a local taxi driver you’re probably going to get ripped off. It is often a good idea to agree a price before you get on the road. Google journey prices beforehand so you have a rough idea of how much a journey should cost and if possible ask the concierge to order you a taxi before you leave the ship so you know it is a reputable driver. Staff on board the Bolsover Cruise Club’s ships are usually very knowledgeable and can fill you in on areas to avoid.

Sometimes it can get so busy in the ports that tourists can be so desperate for a taxi they will get in an unlicensed car, especially when there is only limited time to see a certain place. This can make you extremely vulnerable to high prices and angry locals who may not take so kindly if you don’t pay up.


Do your research

If you’re heading to a country which is particularly known for street crime or scamming read up on this beforehand and be aware. Most cities are rife for pickpockets so always ensure your wallet/purse is kept in a safe location and ladies make sure your handbag has a zip and if possible wear it across your body.


Avoid hot spots

A lot of thieves often work in gangs where one member may distract you by stopping to ask you a question or try to entice you to play a game when the other member strikes and another will run away with your money- this is a very popular technique so try to not get involved in street games. If you have to stop make sure you know where your valuables are at all times and don’t get distracted. Crowded tourist areas are usually hot spots for this type of crime such as in Barcelona on the Las Ramblas.

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Pros and Cons of 3 Types of Cruises

Pros and Cons of 3 Types of Cruises


A cruise is a great way to get away from it all, but where exactly should you go? There are so many different cruise packages, all offering different sights and attractions, and it can be difficult choose. Don’t worry; we’ve gone over some of the pros and cons of 3 different types of cruise for you. That way you can make up your own mind about the kind of experience you’re after.

Caribbean Cruise

Pro – Variety

The Caribbean has several islands, and a cruise enables you to visit many of them and experience the many delights on offer, including swimming with the stingrays. Visitors can also explore the various port towns on offer, which offer excellent opportunities for shopping.

Con – Limited Time

While it’s fun to explore the different islands, the nature of the cruise means that you won’t get to spend as much time in each place as you’d like. This can be a pain, especially if you want more time to see what the island had to offer. This is one of the more common issues with cruises in general, but in certain locations it’s a more prominent problem for cruise goers.

Mediterranean Cruise

Pro – Great Port Stops

A Mediterranean cruise offers some great port stops, including Italy and Turkey. This is great for shopping and a diverse, thriving atmosphere, offering fantastic dining and cultural experiences for everyone. The weather is also very welcoming, with calm waters and pleasant temperatures.

Con – Congestion

Europe is a very popular tourist destination, so going on a Mediterranean cruise during the high season can be a little risky. If you’re looking for a quieter, more relaxed experience, then you may not enjoy the high levels of tourist congestion that occurs at these popular hubs.

River Cruise

Pro – More Intimate

River cruises give you the opportunity to take part in various city excursions, travelling along some of the best known rivers in the world. The cruisers tend to be smaller and offer a cosier, more intimate trip.

Con – Maybe Too Intimate

As you’re travelling from city to city with limited port times, this means you’ll be spending a lot of time in the cruiser, often dining as your three meals a day are included in the price. If you want more room to stretch your legs, then it may not be for you.

For more information on cruises to various places around the world, visit Planet Cruise and get planning for the perfect trip.


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Three of the most picturesque places to visit when on a Caribbean to Mexico cruise

Three of the most picturesque places to visit when on a Caribbean to Mexico cruise

A Caribbean to Mexico cruise may well be one of the most desirable journeys a keen traveller can experience. But with so many beautiful islands to choose from, where should you aim to have on your itinerary. Here are three suggestions.



Home to the world-renowned Palancar Reef, this divers paradise is a real must-see. Settled by the Maya around 2,000 years ago, Cozumel is today the largest Caribbean island in Mexico. However, two-thirds of the island remains undeveloped, meaning swathes of beautiful island scenery for all to enjoy.


Colorful Corals Paradise Reef Cozumel Mexico
Image by: amanderson2 –

Located on the southwest side of the island lies the large coral reef Palancar, which is an ideal spot for novice divers who’ve always wanted to try their hand. Turtles are common, while if you’re lucky, you may well spot Angelfish, Butterflyfish and Parrotfish. Back above sea level, the beaches look like they’re straight out of travel brochures.



On the northern coast of Haiti lies Labadee, a piece of paradise that remains largely untouched even to today. From the main beach, visitors can take short boat rides to private beaches, many of which cap their numbers at only a couple dozen of people. Back on the mainline there are all sorts of activities for the braver individual, including a zip-line over the clear turquoise sea and a 300ft waterslide which winds through the lush trees and back towards the ocean. Labadee is a privately resort leased until 2050, but can be accessed today via companies like Cruise Deals. What are you waiting for?


Club Orient - Labadee, Haiti
Image by: Lee Cannon –



Anywhere with the phrase “One Happy Place” on the licence place has to be well worthy of a stop. With reliable weather, thanks to the low humidity, rain is a rarity and sunshine is consistent. Aruba is an island of contrasts, with sugar sand beaches on one side and towering dunes and cliffs to the other. It’s an island filled with European influences, thanks to its Dutch heritage. This makes for interesting architecture and a mixture of four languages spoken by the locals; English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento, the local dialect. Aruba is also home to the aptly-named Flamingo Beach, where you can sit amongst and feed the elegant pink birds that call the beach their home.For the historically minded there are the remains of a Spanish goldmine, but for those wanting to simply relax, you’ll also find ample beaches adorned with sun loungers and hammocks.


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Why You Must Go on Your First Cruise This Year

Why You Must Go on Your First Cruise This Year

Cruising is the perfect choice of holiday for many people, because you can literally explore as much, or as little as you like. You could potentially go on excursion after excursion, exploring port after port, and enjoy a lot of time in some gorgeous, diverse places. However, you could simply enjoy the views from the comfort of the deck if you liked, and then enjoy the ship’s features all to yourself as everyone else went off and took a day trip. It’s totally up to you! Cruising makes it very easy to explore, but it’s also a great way to relax and simply take some ‘you’ time. Adrenaline junkies and lounge lizards alike should try a cruise at some point – they’re perfect for all tastes and ages! Want a chilled week-long break? There’s a cruise for you. Want a round the world trip? There’s a cruise for you too! A cruise allows you to explore the most luxurious regions of the world in affordable luxury. Heaven! If that isn’t convincing enough for you, here’s exactly why you must go on your first cruise this year:

Photo credits: eGuide Travel on Flickr

It’s Convenient

A cruise gives you the convenience of visiting far away destinations that you probably only could’ve dreamed of before. You can enjoy luxury as you travel, and only have to pack/unpack once!

You Get Variety

There’s an activity on board to suit every age and taste, no matter what mood you’re in. You can do as much or as little as you like – it’s your cruise, customise it how you want it. Everyone in your group is able to please themselves and yet you’re still having a wonderful time together.

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Luxurious Halong Bay Cruise

Luxurious Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay in Northern Vietnam is an excellent destination that offers majestic coastlines and scenic limestone cliffs that gives you an ethereal feel. It definitely is a feast for your senses – something that you will talk about for months after your trip. Visiting Halong Bay will not only give you your usual sun,surf and sand experience – it can give you much more than that. Cruising the bay in ships that seems to come from a different era will allow you to peer into one’s psyche – a trace of the past, some hints of the future and some exciting mysteries waiting to unfold.

halong bay
photo credits:

A luxurious cruise of Halong Bay need not mean spending in excess. A real luxury cruise of this beautiful place is more Buddhist in nature in other words, it means “less is more.” Even with nothing much on your back, you can feel the richness of nature watching mist rolling in through the bay while you sit leisurely on the shore. Trek up the mountains and gaze down on the sea dotted with limestone islands. Enjoying Halong Bay and basking in its real essence is what your luxury cruise should enfold. The place itself is beautiful and rare. You don’t have to prove anything more with unnecessary purchases on your cruise.

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