Military in tactical wear to provide safety for communities and tourists in US

People that serve in the military and law enforcement officials that guard communities around the United States depend on a great deal of trusted tactical wear to keep them protected at all times. Everything from the clothing they wear right down to the equipment they carry must be constructed of only the finest materials. Facing danger when donning the uniform they have chosen to wear can cause a great deal of skepticism in the trust these fine men and women have in the products they purchase to bring them home safe every night.

tactical wear

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Fancy Expeditions, new header design

As you may have noticed, this blog is sporting a new header design, exclusively made by my son JM, my blogging partner and co-author of Techno Grub.

Fancy Expeditions’ new header

The old pixilated header design was now sent to the trash bin lol. He surprised me last week through sending this new header via email, so this is the one that he has been doing during his rest days from his job.  I really appreciate and love its unique creation, therefore I immediately published my new header.

fancy expeditions

the old header

My sincerest gratitude to you my son, thank you so much, hoping you’ll also find time for the headers of my other blogs :)


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