Aug 14

Top 5 Tips for Getting Cheap Flights to Europe

Whether you’re heading overseas to celebrate a college or university graduation, nipping off to get married in secret or are just desperate to get away from it all, you’ll get more holiday for your money if you travel on a low-cost flight.

cheap flights to Europe

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These top 5 tips will show to how to get yourself the cheapest flights to Europe:

Shop Around

The internet has made it really easy to find out about European flight routes, timetables and prices and with so many operators offering online bookings, it’s not surprising that a lot of price comparison sites have popped up promising to make your search, quick and simple.

But – if you really want a good deal, don’t rely on them.

Take the time to shop around yourself. Smaller,independent or ethic operators don’t necessarily work with these sites and it’s usually these airlines that have the lowest prices.

Travel at an Awkward Time

If you’re using annual leave to take time away from work, there’s probably nothing stopping you from going mid-week and returning mid-week instead of being off from Monday to Friday.

Mid-week flights are usually less popular, as are flights very late at night or early in the morning and this makes them cheaper.

They might be a little inconvenient, but once you hit that sun-drenched beach with a lot more euros in your pocket, you just won’t care.

Book Ahead

Although it’s nice to jet off at a moment’s notice, it’s cheaper to get organised and plan your travels in advance.

According to industry research, the best time to book a flight to Europe is between 5 and 13 weeks before you want to travel.

Avoid School Holidays

If you don’t yet have children then the smart thing to do is just travel as much as humanly possible, now!

When you’re looking for cheap flights, make sure that your travel dates don’t clash with any school holidays.

A study carried out by Travelzoo showed that when schools close,Airport Passenger Duty (APD) goes up by a whopping 40%.

Not only will your flights during term time be cheaper, but your holiday resort and attractions will be quieter too.

If you’re not sure when the school holidays are, then you can usually find the dates on your local council or government websites.

Get Informed

Getting a cheap flight is much easier if you’re informed and thankfully, most travel operators are keen to send information, promotional offers and discounts to their members, for free.

To make this manageable, set up a new email account and use it to register your interest with airlines, airports, travel agencies, tourist information boards and even enter travel competitions.

You’ll find that almost every organisation has a mailing list, a newsletter, Twitter feed or Facebook page that you can follow to get news about cheap travel opportunities,and it really works.

If you were doing it now, you’d know that Travelex just ran a ‘Happy Hour’ with promotional rates on its currency exchange and that Liverpool John Lennon Airport just announced the launch of a new low-cost route to Bucharest.

Deals and promotions are happening all the time and by keeping on top of all sorts of travel information, you can stay one step ahead of other bookers and bag yourself a great deal.

To find out more about the new flights to Bucharest from Liverpool, visit the flight carrier directly at Blue Air and make a booking or see what other cheap flight deals they have on offer, before someone else does.

Aug 07

Windmills Across the Globe

Kinderdijk is a cozy little village located in the Southern part of Netherlands. This old-fashioned spot is a top favorite amongst travelers, where a display of 19 historical windmills can be seen. These quaint windmills have endured the test of time and are well-preserved to retain its remarkable look.


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Due to its good flow of wind. Crookwell town was selected for the construction of wind farm.  It is situated at Crookwell town in the west direction of Goulburn city of popular state New South Wales in Australia. It consists of eight turbines, each having a height of 45 meters and rotors having a diameter of more than 44 meters and is one of the first biggest wind farm in Australia.



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The giant windmills in Schiedam are hard to miss. It is one of the best places to go if you want to see the largest windmills in the world. The windmill ‘De Nieuwe Palmboom’ (The New Palm Tree) is a museum which tells everything there is to know about the history and purpose of the windmills of Schiedam. At present, only five of the original twenty windmills survive: ‘The Whale’, ‘The Three Cornflowers’, ‘The Freedom’, ‘The North’ and ‘The New Palm Tree’. A sixth mill ‘De Kameel’ (the Camel) was rebuild in 2011.

de kameel

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The windmills of Mykonos boasts of 16 windmills in the whole of the island.


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Aside from its famous wine and medieval castles, the windmills of La Mancha, Spain is also renowned worldwide.


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The traditional local architecture of wooden houses black and green, craft workshops and many windmills in Zaanse Schans, Netherlands made them a famous tourist attraction.


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The windmills of Oland, Sweden were made to meet the needs of individual farms. Being the second largest island in Sweden, their windmills become identical to the image of this island.


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The Bangui Wind Mills or Wind Farm is composed of 15 wind turbines, each of them soaring high the equivalent of a 23-story building – planted in a row along the shore of Bangui Bay, Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


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Windmills are normally used to harness power of wind or current of air to perform mechanical work as well as generation of electricity. It does not only help a nation economically but later on became a tourist attraction as well.


Jul 24

Terrific Summer Road Trips for Locals in Australia

Australians live in one of the most beautiful, vast and under-populated countries on the planet, but how many of us actually get to experience the beauty of this great land firsthand? If you’d like to see more of our immensely beautiful country, a country we’re all proud to call home, why not look at taking a campervan trip to some breathtaking destinations you’re yet to experience?

road trips

The campervan

As there are quite a few campervans to select from, depending on which campervan hire service you use, be sure to give plenty of thought to the campervan you hire for your trip. When selecting a campervan give the following adequate thought and attention:

  • The size and specifications of the campervan. How many people are travelling and how many berths does the campervan feature?
  • Fuel economy. What’s the approximate fuel consumption (litres/100km) and how much are you prepared to spend on fuel?
  • Power steering and transmission. Does the vehicle have power steering and are you more comfortable driving a manual or an automatic, moreover what about the others who might get behind the wheel?
  • Babies and small children. If there are babies and small children travelling with you, does the campervan have bolster seats or can they be fitted?
  • Kitchens and kitchen kits? Does the campervan have a kitchen and how large is the fridge and water tank?
  • Driver’s cabin and internal walk-through access? Does the campervan have a separate cabin or internal walk-through access and do you need them?

By asking yourself questions such as these when selecting a campervan you’ll find that nothing is overlooked and that you’re better able to select a suitable campervan for your trip.

Suggested routes

Depending on how long you have to spend on holiday and how far you’re interested in travelling, the following are some suggested routes that many people have found immensely rewarding.

  • Short East Coast Trip (4000km): Sydney – Brisbane – Cairns
  • Medium West Coast Trip (7000km): Darwin – Katherine – Broome – Port Hedland – Carnarvon – Perth
  • Medium NSW to NT Trip (8000km): Sydney – Canberra – Melbourne – Adelaide – Alice Springs – Darwin
  • Long Sydney to Ayers Rock (and back) Trip (14,000km): Sydney – Canberra – Melbourne – Adelaide – Ayers Rock – Alice Springs – Darwin – Cairns – Townsville – Brisbane – Sydney

These are only suggested routes, with only the major destinations and cities listed, moreover due to the distances involved between each destination you’ll have to do plenty of planning with regard to where you’ll stop and stay along the way.

Travel tips

If you’re planning a campervan trip don’t overlook websites that offer great travel tips for campervan drivers because accessing these websites will prove advantageous in a number of ways.

Firstly you’ll gain an idea of what other people behind the wheel of a campervan thought about the destinations they travelled to and the campervans they hired from a campervan hire company. Secondly you’ll gain a better idea of the roads that you’ll travel on, which when travelling around a country as vast as Australia will prove extremely advantageous, especially with regard to the isolated roads in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Thirdly, you’ll come across destinations that most of us Australians never knew existed and could therefore provide you with some excellent ideas for your upcoming road trip.

In addition to travelling tips such as these, you’ll also need to source information concerning permits, since permits are required for certain parts of the Northern Territory and Western Australia, two of the remotest parts of Australia and two of the most rewarding to travel to by campervan.


About the Author:

Debra Crutchfield writes on a freelance basis for a company whose rental vehicles are unmarked and are provided through a friendly service. Travel Car Centre is a reliable provider of campervan hire in Sydney.


Jul 19

How to Manage Road Trips Expenses

One thing that keeps many of us from heading out on a road trip is the belief that our car simply won’t be able to make the journey. It’s true that after a certain point in a vehicle’s life it’s a good idea to keep its journeys to a minimum, meaning even though you can happily (and safely) drive it to and from work every day, when it comes to heading out on a longer trip you should consider taking an alternative vehicle.

road trip

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When you’re considering the expense of your road trip it may quickly occur to you that it’ll work our cheaper to lease a car rather than risk taking your old car out on a long journey. For affordable leasing plans, contact Leasing Option Ltd or a similar site to see what their rates are. Chances are you may be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, the cost of a leased vehicle isn’t going to be the only cost you’ll face over the duration of your road trip. In order to manage your expenses when you’re on the road, try and budget for the following costs before you even head out:


There’s one easy way to roughly budget for the amount of fuel you’ll need on your road trip, but in order to do so you’ll either have to ask the leasing company you’re leasing your car from how many miles it gets to the gallon, or you’ll have to lease it for a week or so ahead of your trip.

If you have to go with the latter option you should ensure the fuel tank is completely full before starting your experiment. Once it’s full, note the mileage figure shown on the car’s odometer and keep this number safe. Now you can use the car as normal, making sure you drive it around (whether to work or elsewhere) until it’s nearly empty. At this point you should check the car’s odometer again, and subtract the first number from the second number, giving you the number of miles you can roughly expect to achieve from a full tank.

With this information you can work out how many full tanks your leased car will need to complete your road trip, and thus work out a fairly accurate estimation of your road trip’s fuel cost.

Food (Your Fuel)

When you’re out on the road your cost of food (your own, personal fuel) is inevitably going to be higher than your food costs back home. Before heading out you should intend to manage your food expenses by:

–    Eating at cheaper restaurants: If you have the luxury of eating from several different places, always choose the most affordable.

–    Taking supermarket (and corner shop) food back to your hotel: If this is allowed you should shop at a nearby supermarket to take advantage of their lower prices, then take said food back to your hotel room to cook if you have a small kitchenette area.

Hotels and Lodging

Your hotel and lodging expenses when you’re on a road trip can sometimes be difficult to control due to your inability to know where you’re going to be ahead of time, meaning you’ll more often than not find yourself paying full price for last minute hotel rooms.

You’ll be able to keep some of your accommodation expenses down during your trip if you:

–    Occasionally sleep in your car,

–    Camp at registered, safe campsites whenever you’re near one,

–    Seek out cheap hostels rather than hotels.

Fun and Entertainment

Firstly, even though this is an article about managing your road trip expenses you should keep in mind that you’re allowed to enjoy yourselves, which is the very reason you were saving for a rainy aday in the first place.

Secondly, your fun and entertainment budget needn’t be large, but you should certainly put aside enough so you’re able to enjoy the local attractions of a city you stop in overnight, or catch a show on a whim if the mood takes you.

In conclusion, if you’ve finally decided to head out on a road trip in a leased vehicle you should take some time beforehand to figure out how you’re going to manage your expenses throughout the trip, putting special focus on your costs for fuel, food, hotels and lodging, and fun and entertainment.



Edward Luke is a freelance writer for Leasing Options, a company that has been delivering value and service for more than 23 years. They aim to provide clients with the best possible car rental deal.

Jul 09

Tips for Having a Remarkable Staycation

Having a limited time and budget should not stop you from having a fun-filled vacation. Staycation treats have become increasingly popular because you can do fun and exciting activities within driving distance for a day or two and save yourself the stress and spending associated with pricey trips abroad. But of course, here are some tips to help you enjoy the most out of your in-city exploration or relaxation treat.


Before setting out, take some time to know what’s in and happening in your hometown. Look out for gigs, festivals, exhibits and others that you may want to get involved with.
While on staycation, ditch your regular routine. Avoid checking emails or your work phone so that nothing will distract you from your vacation time. As much as possible, don‘t think about writing or computing, this will defeat the purpose of your vacation.

Sleeping in a different bed can easily make you feel like you’re out of town. If you’re staying home, pitch a tent in your yard or sleep in with your kids. If you can, you can book a room in luxe hotel nearby!

Indulge in some pamper session during staycation. Keep in mind that vacations are meant for de-stressing and relaxing so don’t hesitate to take advantage of home spa services. Prep your home with some scented candles, play Enya and make believe you’re in a villa somewhere near the beach.

And lastly, take advantage of your limited time to explore your very own home town or city. Visit parks, watch plays or trek to a hill, mountain or river. Do what tourists do in your area and marvel at everything that your hometown can actually offer.

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