Tips for Having a Remarkable Staycation

Having a limited time and budget should not stop you from having a fun-filled vacation. Staycation treats have become increasingly popular because you can do fun and exciting activities within driving distance for a day or two and save yourself the stress and spending associated with pricey trips abroad. But of course, here are some tips to help you enjoy the most out of your in-city exploration or relaxation treat.


Before setting out, take some time to know what’s in and happening in your hometown. Look out for gigs, festivals, exhibits and others that you may want to get involved with.
While on staycation, ditch your regular routine. Avoid checking emails or your work phone so that nothing will distract you from your vacation time. As much as possible, don‘t think about writing or computing, this will defeat the purpose of your vacation.

Sleeping in a different bed can easily make you feel like you’re out of town. If you’re staying home, pitch a tent in your yard or sleep in with your kids. If you can, you can book a room in luxe hotel nearby!

Indulge in some pamper session during staycation. Keep in mind that vacations are meant for de-stressing and relaxing so don’t hesitate to take advantage of home spa services. Prep your home with some scented candles, play Enya and make believe you’re in a villa somewhere near the beach.

And lastly, take advantage of your limited time to explore your very own home town or city. Visit parks, watch plays or trek to a hill, mountain or river. Do what tourists do in your area and marvel at everything that your hometown can actually offer.

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Palawan’s Puerto Princesa Underground River

Another best tourist spot in the Philippines is the Palawan’s Puerto Princesa Underground River.  Lately, it was officially inaugurated as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The place is located about 50 kilometres north of the city center of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, it is also called as Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

Puerto Princesa Underground River (photo from the web)

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5 Top Places to Visit in New Zealand

If you are planning a trip to this island nation in the Pacific Ocean there are many places that you might have already decided to visit but wherever you go, I would seriously consider including the 5 attractions listed below in your holiday itinerary. To make it easy to travel from one to another at your own pace it is worth thinking about taking advantage of one of the cheap RV rentals available in New Zealand. As long as you have a full driving licence and a few years’ experience on the roads in your home country, you should have no trouble finding a competitive deal from a local hire company.

Waterfalls in Tongariro National Park

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1. Tongariro National Park  – Home to three active volcanoes as well as several beautiful lakes and popular ski resorts, this is one place that you should definitely make time to visit when holidaying in New Zealand. If you are feeling energetic and have all day to spend in the park, you can tackle the 19km walk that takes in all the essential sights. Being situated in the middle of the North Island, Tongariro National Park is an excellent place to stop for a day or two when driving from Auckland to Wellington.

A view at the Bay of Islands

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2. If you are starting your trip from Auckland, you might like to head North before you make your way down to Wellington, and visit the Bay of Islands where many beautiful beaches can be found. However, if you are an enthusiastic angler or eager to see dolphins and whales in their natural habitat, sunbathing will probably be the last thing on your mind. The Bay of Islands is one of the most popular spots around the world for big game fishing and is renowned for its abundant marine wildlife. If you would like to get up close and personal with this wildlife, you can charter a yacht whilst in the area.

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Glacier National Park Montana, the Crown of the Continent

For people who loves to commune with nature, seeking wilderness and solitude, the Glacier National Park is the best place to go. Being famously referred as the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem it boasts of alpine meadows, pristine forests, spectacular lakes and rugged mountains that is definitely a hiker’s paradise. With over 700 miles of trail, it will really offer a great adventure for the adventurous you.

glacier national park

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The Glacier National Park is always open; it never closes, so it would be easier to plan going there anytime as long as the weather is fine and good. It has been the home of the native Americans centuries ago, relive the old days by staying into historic lodges and chalets.  Discover marine life in its spectacular lakes where fishing is allowed. The park is situated in the U.S. state of Montana, nearby the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. According to Wikipedia, its mountains started to form 170 million years ago when ancient rocks were forced eastward up and over much younger rock strata. These sedimentary rocks known as the Lewis Overthrust contains the best fossilized instances of extremely early life found anywhere on Earth. The present shapes of the mountain ranges and lakes are evidences of an enormous glacial action that happened many years ago.  Among the 150 estimated glaciers which existed in the mid-19th century only 25 active glaciers remained by the year 2010.  Scientists said that if the current climate pattern persists, all glaciers may disappear by the year 2020.

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Finding that Ideal Ski Cabin

Of course, when it comes to family ski trips Colorado residents enjoy, it is all about getting out on the slopes and utilizing the snow. Skiing is thrilling and addicting, and it can provide fun for the whole family. However, a ski trip is not complete without the perfect little mountain cabin to stay in while you are there. This is especially true for those who are coming from other states, who may not get to experience the natural beauty that Colorado offers on a regular basis. These people will love staying in a cozy cabin almost as much as they will enjoy tackling the slopes. 

ski cabin

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The first thing that any ideal ski cabin needs is enough space for the family. You do not need too much space – there is something about the close quarters that makes things feel fun and cozy – but you do need enough bedrooms. This is the first thing that you should think about as you begin to plan your trip. The cabin will probably also come with a main room that will serve as a kitchen, living area and eating area, and it may also have a loft that can offer you and your family extra sleeping options. 

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