How to Design Your Own Dream Holiday

Designing your own dream holiday is an extremely exciting time. However, with so many places to see and so many things to do, it can be difficult to get started. The task itself can seem a bit daunting if you don’t know where to start. There’s nothing to say you can’t have multiple dream holidays; you just need to decide on one to begin with! Use these tips to design your own dream holiday:


Think About What You Want in a Holiday

Your dream holiday and somebody else’s dream holiday will not match up. Everybody has their own idea of the dream holiday they want to go on. So, the first step is to think about what you want in a holiday. Do you want to explore exciting attractions none stop? Do you want to spend all of your time relaxing? Do you want a bit of both? Amazing nightlife? Lovely people? Incredible shopping? List everything you want so that you can find the perfect place. You’re bound to find somewhere that suits you perfectly!


List Dream Destinations

Now you know what you want to do, think of a few destinations you’ve always wanted to go to and do your research. Which of these match up to what you want in a holiday, if any? If they don’t, you’ll need to find a brand new place that fits the bill. This can be really exciting, and mean you end up visiting somewhere totally unique that you never would have visited otherwise.


See a Travel Agent

You don’t necessarily need a travel agent to help you, but it can take a lot of the stress out of it for you. If you know what you want to do and where you want to go, a travel agent can find you a great deal. If you’re confident enough to do it alone, then skip this step!


Create an Itinerary

Create an itinerary by researching the specific things you can do in your chosen country. Remember not to pack your itinerary, as you’ll regret that once you arrive. You’ll want some time to relax and do your own thing too. You don’t want to go home more stressed out than when you arrived!


Stay in Luxury Accommodation

A dream holiday isn’t exactly dreamy without luxury accommodation. You can get some fantastic deals on luxury accommodation if you look on the right websites and speak to the right people. You should be able to choose from a wide range of villas, apartments, and hotels to suit your needs. Make sure you look for value for money when finding the perfect place to stay. The price should be reasonable for the features you get with your stay!


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Set a Good Budget 

Finally, you’re going to need to set a good budget so you can have the time of your life on this holiday. Make sure you consider food, activities, attractions, and anything else you’ll be doing while you’re away. A dream holiday isn’t a dream if you’re worrying too much about money!

Equipment to Carry While Planning a Trek

Since this is the season when people all around the world go rampant on tourism and try to make the best out of summer vacations, now is the time for you to decide your destination as well. Our suggestion is to try a nearby hill station considering how much people are fed up with the constant sweltering heat. The weather is not beach friendly or pool-friendly, so, don’t even think of hitting the shore. The only places that can lighten you up are located in the hilly and mountainous ranges. So, you can start planning a trek with your friends or family (preferably friends) and go up in the mountains to see the majesty and mysteriousness shrouded within the rocks. But is it simple enough to travel to these places, the way you plan your casual trips? Definitely not. A barrage of equipment and planning is needed to have a successful trip. An equipment checklist is very important before you embark on your journey. Here is the gear you cannot absolutely avoid.


An Uptight Backpack

A fit spacious backpack is where it all begins. Since it should be clear by now that each journey requires its own bag according the needs and dynamics of the visiting place. If you’re to stay in a hotel somewhere, then you need a formal travel bag. However, in this scenario nothing less than a stiff, good backpack would work, because, remember, you’re going to carry this bag all around on your shoulders. No help is provided while you’re on your way trekking. In the Philippines, certain marketplaces provide some excellent quality imported backpacks by Nike, Adidas and more. Online shopping websites like Kaymu and HalloHalloMall can help you find a suitable backpack in a reasonable price.


Sharp Trekking Shoes

Yet another indispensable equipment is the trekking shoes. Unlike spike shoes or any other extraordinary shoes, trekking shoes still bear a different outlook and assemblage. Basically the boots worn by military troops are the best and closest to assess the quality of trekking boots.


Clothing and Thermals

Following are the basic clothes that you need to pack in your bag.

  • trekking suits
  • inner thermals (lower and upper)
  • windbreakers
  • at least five to six pair of socks (because they get wet whenever you have to trek on snow)
  • fedora hat or sun hat
  • shades (sunrays can have serious impact on your eyes if you don’t wear shades)
  • a thermos pot and a water bottle
  • toiletries
  • a torch light (primarily helps you in the dark, though avoid trekking in the dark)
  • shorts and underwears


Waterproof Sleeping Back

Besides the tenting material you’ll carry for your camps, it’s important to have water resistant and water repellent sleeping backs with you and that too in excellent conditions. Otherwise you’ll have sleepless nights and that will affect your touring and trekking.


Having arranged the above equipment, you can ensure a fun and adventurous trip ahead.


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Backpackers Cheat Sheet: 4 Surefire Ways to Safeguard Your Travel Essentials

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Generally speaking, backpackers are frugal creatures and it is completely understandable. The moment you hit the road, your finances go on a continuous dwindle. Each day it drops lower beyond your minimum balance, and each day you’re wishing to get an eastwest bank personal loan to hopefully extend your days on the road because really, your bank balance will also affect the time you can spend exploring the wonders of the world.


Money and budgeting is a foremost consideration when you want to travel, thus budget should start way before your step out the door into the unknown. Preparing your stuff properly will save you more cents in your adventure and give you greater peace of mind.


Waterproofing Your Pack

Most backpackers are idealistic about the weather on their upcoming trip and rely solely on the rain cover for protection. But what if your pack falls on the river or sea as you disembark from a boat? There are many cheap options for securing your stuff inside your pack. Line the inside of your backpack with a large , sturdy, plastic sack such as a well-washed fertilizer sack or rubble sack. Simply roll down when full and fold the remainder over then tuck tightly in the inside of your pack. With this kind of waterproofing you can calmly haul your pack on the rooftop of a jeepney bound for Sagada on a monsoon season!


Securing Your Backpack

Fortunately, there are pack security and secure packs especially suited for backpackers and travellers now. But they are not really that cheap! If you’re on a budget you can easily improvise using any 3mm diameter chicken wire from any hardware store to insert inside your pack to make it theft proof. You can also do a DIY cable to padlock and wrap around your pack and to attach your pack to a permanent fixture using materials from the hardware. These options may not be the most attractive means of securing your pack but it serves as a deterrent, and it also look a little less striking for thieves.


Protect Your Valuables

These days, many people travel with some or a lot of gadgets and valuables such as digital cameras, ipods, smartphone and a wallet full of the best credit cards in the Philippines. If you want to prolong their lives and protect them, be sure to have a small airtight container where you can keep them – like Tupperware! These plastic containers come in different sizes and shapes and they are your best bet in protecting sensitive electronics or small breakables and in keeping bits and pieces of your toiletries. After days, weeks or months of traveling, you will inevitable accumulate “things” and your will be thankful to have an extra Tupperware in your rucksack.


Ziplock your Documents

When travelling, you carry with your some essential documentation such as passports, ID’s, letter of invitations for visa purposes and others which you must always keep safe and protected. Keeping these documents including a few dollars is perfect for emergencies. Ziplocks or similar bags provide excellent protection against sudden downpours, accidental submersion or penetrating sweat.



Simple Tips For A Faster Airport Experience

When you are just about to leave on a holiday of a lifetime, the last thing you want to happen is to spend a few hours milling around listlessly in an airport. It’s not the ideal start to your trip away, and it can be frustrating – especially if you have kids in tow with you.

But is there anything you can do about it? Well, there are quite a few things, to be honest. In this article, we’re going to take a look at several methods you can employ to cut down on the time you spend at the airport. And also give you a chance of avoiding those miserable moods that usually accompany it! Let’s get stuck in straight away.

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Use A Smaller Airport

If you can fly from your local airport, then you can expect to be pushed through your checks much quicker than it takes from a large international-standard airport. The likes of Gatwick and Heathrow get busy because they have to usher through tens of thousands of people at any one time. Smaller airports tend to have excellent transport links, too, so you can reduce your journey time significantly.

Pack Less

Every single bag that you check in is going to eat up valuable time. Your best bet is to take hand luggage only, although this can obviously be a struggle if you are going away on a long trip. However, you can avoid those snaking queues if you can squeeze everything into a small enough bag. Some airlines also allow you to bring a laptop bag on board, free of charge. Try using that to store clothes instead, and you have another extension to your wardrobe that you didn’t even realise existed! You will also save time at the other end because you won’t have to wait for the baggage handlers to bring all of your cases out.

Check In At Home

If you don’t need to drop bags off, check in can be much easier. Do it online at home or, if you forget, use one of the many self-service machines that are dotted around most modern airports. In smaller airports that have less waiting time, you can shave an hour off the length of time you have to wait. Which isn’t bad going just for being organised!

Use A Private Jet

OK, some of you have probably just snorted out some coffee onto your screen. Of course, private jets aren’t for everyone. But if you want to avoid all those horrendous check in queues, security controls, and do the same on the other side, then there is no better way of traveling. There are plenty of companies like Stratos Private Jets that offer speedier boarding processes, and although they can be pricey, it can sometimes work out well. They are also great for those of you with younger children, as there will be more space for them to stretch their legs. And also, most importantly, they won’t annoy anyone else. Which – as any parent will tell you – can seem like it adds several hours on to any journey time.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more excellent tips on travel. Until next time!

Paradise On Earth: Five Places You Need To Visit


Everyone likes a little piece of paradise. Straight away, the mind wanders to whatever you imagination of paradise is, and the heart aches to get there. Well, it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, and you are capable of making it a reality. Just imagine visiting a few of these places on the list below that many widely regard as a piece of paradise on Earth. In fact, stop imagining and start doing!


The Great Barrier Reef


There a few reefs situated throughout the world, but none is as magical as the Great Barrier Reef. It can be found just off the coast of Tasmania, Australia, and it is home to some of the most exotic and mysterious marine creatures the world has to offer.


The wildlife aside, there is the reef itself that is full of colourful and strange inhabitants. Truthfully, the Great Barrier Reef is a world of its own, which is the main reason why it is a paradise.




Alaska is home to the most extravagant scenery there is in the world. Lakes, moors and mountains cover the entire state and there is also a diverse range of animals. To see the best of Alaska, however, you need to go in the summer because the winter months can take away from the paradise aspect. In fact, in the winter some people would say it is a slice of hell!


But, in the summer the true Alaska comes out to play, and there is no better place to hike or explore on the planet. Get ready to do some walking though; Alaska is the size of Texas and California combined.


Koh Lipe


When you think about island paradises, Koh Lipe is the actual Island you are imagining. The island itself is a tiny piece of heaven in the South West of Thailand, and it is unlike any other island in the country. Tourists corrupt the majority of the islands of Thailand, but Lipe keeps its innocence and its naivety.


There are no huge Full Moon parties or westerners embarrassing themselves after too much booze. It is just you, the sea and the sand. Perfect!


The Alps


Paradise isn’t just about golden beaches, beautiful water and flush greenery. Paradise is also about adrenaline-filled rides in the heart of hundred-foot tall cliffs, snow covering them completely. There are a lot of mountainous areas you can go and get your fill of extreme sports, but the Alps are renowned across the world.


Machu Picchu


Nothing is better than a place full of history that reminds you of a simpler time. A simpler time where the people were as seemingly advanced as we are now. Machu Picchu is one of these places. It is an Inca citadel in the Andes Mountains in Peru and people know it for its architecture and construction. The citadel offers panoramic views high up in the clouds and is almost a place you would find on another planet. The best thing about Machu Picchu is no-one to this day knows what or why the Inca people built the citadel.


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