Unravel the Mystery of the Wonders of the Egyptian Desert

Unravel the Mystery of the Wonders of the Egyptian Desert

To get on a trip to Egypt is an exciting experience that I long and wish for.  The sight of the monuments of the Giza pyramid complex and its Great Sphinx that were constructed by its ancient civilization is really one of a lifetime encounter, not only for me but for my children too.

Great Sphinx

Giza Pyramids
Karnak Temple Complex 2

Trek through miles and miles of golden dunes. Catch a glimpse of uncanny rock formations and rest at precious oases- take a safari into the Western Desert. The Western Desert of Egypt is 262, 000 square miles of dunes, canyons, oases, mountainous plateaus, and valleys that span most of land west of the Nile Valley.

See the awesome mysterious landscapes full of bizarre limestone concretions that are shaped like giant mushrooms, fjords and icebergs in the White Desert. The five oases during the tour can be refreshing stop that could quench thirst.

Normally, the months of December to February is the best time to visit Egypt, as the winter season is its tourist high season.  However, the summer season from June to August is considered the low tourist season in all parts of the country except on the coasts.  Daytime temperature can soar up to 40°C.

red sea
hurghada coral reef

Aside from the Western desert, the underwater cities of coral in the Red Sea are also a great sight that awaits you.

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  1. I wish to see Egypt too. I hope the unrest there will settle soon and may they find peace. Hubby dreams to scuba dive on the Sharm El Sheikh

  2. I fervently hope I could step on the sands of Egypt too! I wanted to personally see where Moses roamed while in his little basket there…the Nile River. 🙂

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