Famous Legendary Light Houses

Famous Legendary Light Houses

Another magnificent legendary work of architecture that fascinates me are the light houses. They are built centuries ago to give light to sail the seas lightly and to protect island people from invading enemies.

The attractive Barranjoey Lighthouse, in Sydney is one the striking light houses worldwide.

light house

Coquille River Lighthouse acts as both a coastal light and a harbor light to improve navigation at the river’s mouth in 1891.


Cape Engaño was built in 1892 by the Spaniards. It is situated in the Northernmost part of Palaui Island San Vicente Cagayan, Philippines, having an octagonal cylindrical stone tower and has a U-shape structural formation. It sits on top of the mountains providing a spectacular view, from the tower window in the southern part lies a white sand beach which houses magnificent corals and marine life to the north vast sea.

cape engano

Battery point light house tower is located in the center of the dwelling, it was built in a Cape Cod approach. The fourth-order Fresnel lens in the lantern room first light-up the night sky at Crescent City.

battery point

The Great Europa Point, is located at the southernmost point of Gibraltar. During the day, sights of North Africa are pleasing to look at, across the Strait of Gibraltar including Ceuta and the Rif Mountains of Morocco; as well as the Bay of Gibraltar and the Spanish towns along its shores.

great europa

On the Southern tip of Mount Desert Island, lies the Bass Harbor Head Light. The grounds are open to public but the light house itself is restricted. It is open all year round from 9 am to sunset.

bass harbor

The Portland Breakwater lighthouse is not open to the public just like the Bass Harbor Head Light, but the grounds are always open. There is a free parking near the light house and tourists are allowed to roam around the area to view the handsome lighthouse that was built in 1875.

Portland Breakwater Light

In Arrowsic Island, Kennebec River sits the Doubling Point Lighthouse. It can be also seen from sightseeing cruises in the area. The station was established in 1898 in wood and granite foundation.

Doubling Point Light

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