Disneyland Resort – Anaheim Travel Tips

Disneyland Resort – Anaheim Travel Tips

Disneyland Resort in Anaheim Southern California is lured with lots of visitors even on a daily basis as many tourists, vacationers and locals from far and wide come in this famous beautiful fantasy world.

disneyland resort - anaheim
my Mom and Dad during the 50th year celebration of Disneyland Resort-Anaheim

Here are tips when traveling and visiting Disneyland Resort.

  • The large crowd can make you and your family hard to stay together but rest assured it is family-friendly environment and safe, nevertheless it is still advisable to give your kids an identity tag with their name and your contact number on it.
  • The place is too big, so it is better to plan ahead for a meeting spot or place, just in case one of the family members gets lost
  • Buy tickets in advance to avoid waiting and as much as possible get to the park earlier in the morning to pass up the long lines.
  • Anaheim City is renowned for its bright and sunny weather. Wear a hat, drink plenty of fluids and do not forget to wear a sunscreen too for most of the day you and your family will be spending on an open ground.

Disneyland in Anaheim is the original Disney Resort, it has become a vintage landmark in Southern California for more than 50 years now. This complex of amusement parks has remained its fun fantasy world for so many years, really a great place for families to see. Kids and even adults have so much fun that most likely would never want to leave.

My mom, all smiles 🙂
the plaque at the entrance

Shopping is fun in Disneyland Resort, as you can buy souvenirs. Fascinating shops feature and offer enticing collection of Disney merchandise. You will enjoy selecting and buying the perfect keepsake for lifetime memories. A wide array of  Disney collectibles are available such as apparels, plush toys, customizable Mickey Mouse ear hats, key chains, limited edition collectibles and more.

Here are some photos of my souvenirs from Disneyland Resort – Anaheim.




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