A Cruising Voyage, educational and agreeable

For people who loves the sea and enjoy delightful voyages, venturing into a cruise ship journey is a perfect escapade in collecting experiences. Bask in the sun, explore different places of a continent, take pleasure in various water activities and enjoy the amenities the cruise ship provides.

cruise ship
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waiting to get onboard
photo credits to my cousin Jeena

For extreme amusement and satisfaction in celebrating an important family event, journeying on a cruise ship can tender a unique and spectacular location for events, parties and other significant occasions.

photo credits to my cousin Jeena
photo credits to my cousin Jeena
activity center
photo credits to my cousin Jeena
photo credits to my cousin Jeena
photo credits to my cousin Jeena

Most cruising companies offer amazing cruise deals whether for a short or long cruise trips. Cruise packages usually include lodging, meals, entertainment activities, facilities and sometimes flights. Cruise ships operate on routes that return passengers to their originating port, thus finding cruise destinations in a specified region of a continent that will fit a budget is easy to navigate and find online.

Leisurely travel by sea for a change can ensure a pleasant vacation, the expedition itself, the ship’s amenities plus the different destinations along the way will not only provide satisfaction and enjoyable experience but can add on educational knowledge visiting and exploring historic and magnificent places and views especially for the kids.



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  1. yay! me too. me too. though i might probably get seasick. it’s still in my bucket list…travel via a cruise ship. mag-feeling rose sa titanic 🙂


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