Beaches to travel around

Beaches to travel around

The warmest time of the year among the four temperate seasons is summer.  Lots of outdoor activities can be enjoyed by the whole family during this season and one of the best places to spend a summer holiday is on a beach.

There are many beautiful beaches around the world that we can travel and walk around. Below are suggested seashore destinations where you can truly enjoy getting a nice tan and laze around with. Take pleasure to commune with nature, be entertained with various water sports activities or just merely appreciate the picturesque sights the place has to offer.

Beach of Cleopatra

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According to traditional beliefs Cleopatra imported the soft sand of this beach from the Egyptian desert making the special fine white sand peculiar only to this beach. The beach of Cleopatra is located in Turkey.

Olhuveli  in Maldives

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The place located in the South Male Atoll is marvelously designed with villas that stand over turquoise waters, combining contemporary flair with traditional architecture, white sandy beaches giving way to never-ending sea views that stretch for miles.

A perfect place where mind and body can relax, the senses can be invigorated and spirit will feel soothed.


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A paradise like island located off the northwest corner of Panay Island, Philippines which have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies.  It is renowned worldwide for its white and fine sand beach and events being one of the competitive venue for the Asian Windsurfing Tour. Boracay island also offers numerous leisure activities available which includes scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kiteboarding, cliff diving, and beach relaxation.

Fraser Island, Australia

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Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island located on the Queensland coast northeast of Brisbane, Australia. Take joy in its exceptional beauty and unspoiled natural paradise, as it is the only place in the world where tall rainforests are found growing on sand dunes at elevations of over 200 meters, surrounded by over 100 fresh water lakes.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

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In the Hawaiian language Lanikai  means  “heavenly sea”. The half Half a mile of sparkling sand, palm trees swinging over a white beach, abundant tropical plants, and continuous sunshine make Lanikai one of Hawaii’s most scenic beaches. Surfing in its waters is relatively calm for the shore is protected by a nearby coral reef. Its location is Lanikai, a near Kailua, on the windward coast of Oahu, Hawaii. It is recognized as being great place to watch the moonrise over the Mokuluas, especially during the full moon


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A secluded town bounded to the south by the town of Bangui and to the east by the Cordillera Mountain Range, in the province of Cagayan where the shore is somewhat similar to Hawaii in comparison to the strong winds and waves which is the reason why it is frequently visited by surfers. The long continuous white sands and inviting crystal-blue water makes Pagudpud a famous haven for tourists

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