Kayaking for sports and wilderness exploration

Kayaking for sports and wilderness exploration

Kayaking is a recreational water adventure using a kayak, a small and narrow boat intended to be manually operated/propelled by means of a double blade paddle.

Kayaking of all types has become more popular nowadays. Depending on one’s interest, a paddler can take the kayak down rapids and waterfalls for a thrilling sports adventure or take the kayak on open water such as sea or lake to just tour and explore the wilderness surrounding the body of water.

There are a lot kayaker’s paradises around the world, among suggested are: 

The mirror-clear water along the stretch of Colorado River just above the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA is a favorite kayaking place among tourists.

Colorado River kayaking
photo credits: Kevin Moloney, The New York Times

For thrill seekers and sport kayakers who would like to experience the rapids, most adventurers go for Great Falls, Virginia.

Kayaking at Great Falls Virginia
photo credits: en.wikipedia.org

Serenely adrift and wander the most storied Mississippi River by kayak.

mississipi river kayaking
photo credits: northjeffersonkayakclub.com

Paddle with the family through the wilderness of Thomas Bay in Southeast Alaska.

kayaking in alaska
photo credits: Stuart Isett, The New York Times

Go expedition through kayaking and enjoy the stunning beauty of the Blue Ice Cave in Iceland.

kayaking into the blue ice cave
photo credits: freedigitalphotos.net

Kayaking is a wonderful family outdoor activity for fishing, wilderness exploration, touring, expedition or sport. However, it is important  to know and learn the safety precautions first before sitting on a kayak.  It is as well suggested to wear water repellent gears to avoid wetting out or more often called as the kayak clothing, life jackets, helmet for sports kayaking and more.



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  1. This is one exciting and thrilling activity. It is nice to try this one, particularly by people who love the excitement and beauty of the outdoors. Your adrenaline will surely pump if you go kayaking.

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