5 Must-See Things in Vegas

5 Must-See Things in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is a special treat for dedicated high rollers and others who love the night life. The Vegas shows are exceptional, the hotels luxurious and the restaurants and bars quite elegant. The lights never go out in Vegas, and the casinos operate 24 hours a day. The city life never seems to stop, to sleep or have any end to its daily activities. The adventure called Las Vegas is continuously awaiting new visitors from all around the globe. It is one of the most visited cities in the world. More money changes hands there than the New York Stock Exchange!

Five Great Places (that everyone needs to see):

1. The Wynn Las Vegas

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The Wynn is an amazing structure, both inside and out. It is an extremely tall building which is difficult to miss as you enter the city. The rooms are ultra luxurious with a 5 star Forbes rating. The 150 foot tall fountain is mesmerising as the water dances and the synchronised lights glimmer and glisten while changing color. The casino is always busy, and the restaurants are some of the best. There are several swimming pools, a Ferrari dealership, spas, shops, salons and a fitness center available. An 18 hole golf course on the grounds comes equipped with beautiful greens, winding creeks, small ponds and a magnificent waterfall. There is nothing else on the Strip that matches the elegance of The Wynn Las Vegas.

2. The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace

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The Forum Shop is a conglomerate of 160 shops and boutiques. Roman-style columns and fountains grace the enormous stretch of retail stores. The walkways resemble ancient Roman streets. Some of the shops include the following:

  • Anthropologie was founded in an effort to acknowledge various cultures.
  • Tommy Bahamas is all about coastal living in style.
  • A|X Armani Exchange projects the desire of the youth.
  • Juicy Couture is a recent advent in putting forth style.The Forum Shops are the center of attention for shoppers visiting Vegas.

3. The Las Vegas Strip

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Just south of the city and runs for approximately a 4 miles distance. Those from out of town or from foreign countries have not always heard about the Strip, although 60% of all Vegas hotels, casinos and gorgeous homes can be found there. A nighttime drive along the Strip is something very special. This is not to be missed.

4. Ride a gondola along the the canals of Venice

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It is a fun experience, where you can “people-watch” people who are on the side-lines watching you. You will have the opportunity to see all of the fine shops and restaurants along the canals.

5. A Luxurious Vegas Spa

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After a night on the town and a visit to the casinos, you might want to go to the spa. Las Vegas is extremely noteworthy for its vast number of spas. There are spas with chairs that vibrate to the sound of music, salt spas and more. You will enjoy the wide variety that this city offers.

Checking out Vegas for the first time is an awesome experience. The lavish surroundings and tremendous number of amenities may possibly overwhelm you, but you most likely will want to visit again.

Darren is a Writer from Australia who visits Vegas on an annual basis. He says that these are five things not to be missed while in Las Vegas. He loves to play the slot machines and even plays free slots games online.

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