The Fantasy Island of Northern Samar

The Fantasy Island of Northern Samar

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One of the provinces in the Philippines that is not yet fully urbanized is the Island of Northern Samar. If you are planning  a break to escape the pollution and crowd in the city for some time, then pack your things and take pleasure in an adventure trip on the so called Fantasy Island of Northern Samar.

Prepare to trek in jungles, travel mangroves, ride speeding motorcycle and drift on what may seem like endless boat rides to visit Northern Samar hidden fantasy and natural sceneries. 

Actually, once you set foot on the place you will find it like you have seen it before as it is likely similar to the settings of the mythical movie Lord of the Rings. You will be greeted by the sight of ethereal natural pools, overwhelming rock formations and beaches that sparkle at dusk.

On your escapade never forget to see the majestic rocks of Biri Island. Biri is located in the Northern most tip of Samar. It is only a 10-minute ride on a local motorcycle from the port to Brgy. Progress. Biri’s breathtaking boulders can already be viewed from  the shore. Anyone will definitely admire the magnificent  limestone formations.  Formed from gentle curves to sharp turns are testimonies to the artwork sculpted overtime by the sea. Some people actually climb these rocks to complete the adventure, but just merely looking at them can already be a wonderful experience as well.

There is so much more to discover in this place. A local guide is also available to help you navigate and explore the challenging terrain and reach the secret places of the island.


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