Romance in Venice

Romance in Venice

The magical city of Venice remains to be one of the best places to visit while you are in Italy. Many lovers choose to come here for their honeymoon because of it’s romantic and lovely setting. The city actually is comprised of more than a hundred small islands located in the Venetian lagoon. These islands are linked by around 150 canals and more or less 400 bridges. The city is actually very small and is easily walk-able so you don’t really need any transportation when you are here. There is also the water taxi or water buses that can take you to your destination a bit more quickly.


But if you want to experience something really romantic, you can hire a Gondola which is a classical Venetian boat to take you along the canals while your boatman serenades you with love songs. Venice is a city built on water and it has very unique cityscape that you will not see anywhere else in the world. The gondola is small enough to cruise you around the city though small canals and bring to churches, warehouses and gardens lining the waterway. The best way to visit the city is during summer time though it can become hot and humid. Venice experience flooding in autumn and in winter and it is at its coldest during the months of January and February.

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