Hidden Attractions of London City

Hidden Attractions of London City

Planning a London visit in future but do not want to be mobbed by the multitudes of tourists at hot attractions of the city! Then, how about venturing into the secret attractions of the city that are still undiscovered, that are still not saturated by the sea of tourists. Moreover, these attractions have their own unique charm that will keep you spellbound. Here are the topmost hidden attractions of the city:

Dennis Severs’ House


At first glance, this house appears to be a typical Georgian terraced house in Spitalfields. However, on a closer look you will discover its uniqueness. Step behind the front door and get transported to an eighteenth-century ambience where you will feel that someone is still residing in this house. Dennis Severs, a native of California took the charge of recreating the house of imaginary family of Huguenot silk-weavers.

This place is kind of a time-capsule where everything has been infused with the touch of 18th century. As you slip into this house, you will find an unkempt bed, half-eaten meal as if someone has just left the house. The impressive architecture and detailed carvings will simply blow you away as well. 

Hunterian Museum

Want to see one of the most bizarre museum collections? Pay a visit to Hunterian Museum and get ready to be astounded. This museum has one of the oldest collections of zoological, pathological and anatomical specimens in UK. The museum has over 3500 anatomical and pathological specimens.

However, the bizarre part is the collection of this museum which includes dentures of Prime Minister Churchill, pickled internal organs of different animals (quite nauseating!), anatomical tables of seventeenth-century, tooth of Megatherium and other such items.

St Mary’s Secret Garden

This small garden is missed by many tourists during their London visit. Featuring a natural woodland, divine herb collections and vegetables beds saturated with winter lettuces and kale, St Mary’s Secret Garden is a nature lover’s paradise. Located at one of busiest areas of London i.e. Hackney, this 0.7 acre garden provides an oasis of peace. There is an accessible classroom and a huge greenhouse in the garden as well.

Chislehurst Caves

Close to Bromley in Kent and a short distance away from Central London, these caves are filled with dark and mysterious caves running miles forming an overwhelming maze. This maze covers around six hectares and the astonishing part is that the maze is thirty metres deep beneath the forests and residences of Chislehurst.

There are no signposts at this cave, so you have to trust your instinct as your guide. All you would have is the flickering light of oil-lantern and empty darkness with you.

Wilton’s Music Hall

This music hall is the oldest music hall in the world and one of the last surviving grand music halls too. This hall still holds opera shows, theatre and concerts. It has an unbelievable history to back it up. In the past, this hall was used as a shelter during WWII and a rag warehouse in the 50s. The walls of this hall have started to crumble; therefore, do make sure you visit this majestic music hall before it transforms into a pile of rumble.

Chinese Pagoda at Kew Gardens

This unsung pagoda is 163 foot tall and has ten storeys. Snugly located in the Kew Gardens, this pagoda is an exact imitation of a Chinese pagoda, save one difference. It does not have odd number of storeys as Chinese pagodas usually have. You will not be allowed to scale down the pagoda; nonetheless, its magnificence can be admired from close range.

Temple Church

Featured in the Da Vinci Code, this church is considered one of the holiest and strange medieval treasures of UK. Erected by Knights Templar as one of the numerous places to hide Holy Grail, this church is a haven for history and conspiracy buffs. The church is designed round, in resemblance of Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre with ten crusading knights guarding the ancient secret.

Forget about the usual attractions of the city and discover the unsung, hidden chambers of the royal London this time. These secret delights with their mystic allure will enchant you like never before.

Author’s Bio: Associated as a travel blogger with londonhotels4u.com a prominent London hotel website, Aliciyana has been travelling since her college days and sharing her travel experiences through her blogs.

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