How To Pack a Weekend Travel Bag

How To Pack a Weekend Travel Bag

To de-stress from a week-long work pressure and anxiety, some individuals and families opt for weekend travels to relax and refresh their mind and body. Nowadays, staycation is trending which makes an increasing number of travel-loving individuals, weekend adventurers and city slickers. If you constantly travel, you will realize the joy of having a little piece of weekend travel bag that packs everything you need for a two-day sojourn. Whether it’s a trek up the mountainous area of Batangas or a cultural exploration in Cebu, you will need several pieces of clothing and of course, a trusty toiletry pack that will make life a lot easier wherever you go.

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When packing for a weekend trip, consider the destination so that you can pack your stuff properly. Ideally a 26 to 30 liter daypack will accommodate everything that light travelers need. For a hike or an outdoor adventure, bring extra change of dri-fit or lightweight clothing. Don’t forget waterproofing cases for your gadget and skin protection such as sun block, a cap or a baklava too. Exploring the city or spending a quiet weekend at the beach calls of even lighter packing. Sun dresses, swim suits, shorts and tank tops are essential. 

For your toiletry, go for travel sized soaps, shampoo, conditioners and lotions. You can also bring in a small perfume and some basic cosmetics. You can roll your clothing before putting them inside your travel bag to save on space. Be sure to leave a place for your camera, mobile phone and other gadgets you might need.

To make sure you won’t forget a thing you need, it is wise to make a checklist.


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