Budget-savvy Travel and Explorations

Budget-savvy Travel and Explorations

Travelling probably is one of the few things that you can spend on but get more out of it. It gives you a wider perspective, makes you more independent and it gives you a unique sense of accomplishment by allowing you to get a better view of the world we live in. We would love to travel more but of course, there are always budget constraints that make your next exploration a little bit difficult to plan. Don’t let this get in the way of your wanderlust – with proper planning, you can have a budget-savvy travel and explore places as much as you can.

Even with a limited budget, you can scratch that familiar itch by exploring your very own country. Travel locally; it is less expensive than travelling abroad and it also support local economies. You get to learn more about your country and you’re also helping your very own “kababayans” involved in the tourism industry.

When travelling on a tight budget, go for public transportation options such ferries, RORO, buses and jeepneys. “Special trips” can be quite expensive and this will leave you at the mercy of devious drivers so if you need to go out of the regular routes, opt for a motorcycle or rent a bike to drive yourself to your destination.

Make your own itinerary and choose the ones that majority of you wants to visit. This will maximize and personalize your travel to save time and entrance fees. Scour online for hotspots on your destination or hire a local guide who can show you the most photogenic spots, share local anecdotes and recommend the best places to dine.

Below is an infographic of some tips and tricks for a budget-savvy travel.

Discover Tips for Travel on a Budget An infographic by the team at Travel on a Budget

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