Using Your Frequent Flyer Miles to Travel For Less

Using Your Frequent Flyer Miles to Travel For Less

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Whether for business or pleasure, people find traveling by airplane the most convenient way to go from one place to another. Because of this, many bank and credit card companies have teamed up with different airline companies to come up with the frequent flyer miles or mileage point reward system. You will discover that you earn these miles faster if you book frequently with only one airline. Some credit card with airline rewards program will earn your mileage with every penny you spend on shopping, groceries, utilities and your travel.

So take advantage of using mileage points in reducing travel expenses and don’t ever let them go to waste. Keep in mind that these miles have an expiry period and you can lose all of them if you haven’t used them before their expiry. Some credit card programs allow transfer of miles to your relative or your friends. Check for different airline policies so you won’t mix up when booking for your next travel. You may also cash in miles so that you can buy a ticket for someone else, which is ideal if you don’t have any travel plans yet and you have expiring miles any time soon. Also keep in mind that only a limited number of seats are allotted for miles users but you may also use this perk to upgrade your booking!


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