Alternative Family Holiday Destinations for 2014

Alternative Family Holiday Destinations for 2014

It is coming round to that time of year again, where we are all planning the next family holiday. Of course, the list of holiday destinations is seemingly endless and the choices we are faced with are many. Everyone appears to have their dream holiday destination and the recommendations from friends and family come in thick and fast when you tell them of your summer holiday plans. The more daunting task seems to be planning a holiday that is suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Sometimes, we are keen to play it safe, holiday-wise, and take the family back to the same resort that we go to every year. The tried and tested holiday, however, means that we can stuck in a rut, and the whole affair becomes increasingly humdrum.

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Taking the family to a new destination is an exciting prospect. Take a look at the top family destinations for 2014:


Uzes, France

Our enduring love affair with France never seems to fade, and this little gem, hidden in the South of France is a beautiful part of the country. Beautifully preserved, the charming little town is a quiet place for relaxation and serenity. Perfect for families with older children, as they will be able to appreciate this quaint little town in all its glory.


Alcati, Turkey

The perfect holiday destination if you like your summer holidays with a little heat. Alcati is a stunning part of Turkey and is home to fine dining, shopping experiences and of course, sandy beaches and is certainly giving Bodrum a run for its money in the Turkish holiday stakes. This is the destination of choice for families with younger children, who simply require a bucket and spade to feel that their holiday is complete. Adults will revel in the majesty and beauty of the town and the kids will have a great time too!


George Town, Malaysia

Located on the west coast peninsula of Malaysia, this is a great place for families to explore the wonder of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a fantastic destination for families that are history lovers. The town has a relaxed vibe and certainly comes to life after hours, with good food and drinks to be had. This well preserved colonial part of the world truly is like stepping back in time.


Tuscany, Italy

For the more active family, walking holidays are becoming increasingly popular in Italy. Soak up the gorgeous Tuscan atmosphere, the picture perfect scenery and the warm weather on a walking holiday. With so much to see in Tuscany, as well as to eat and drink, it is an alternative but definitely interesting holiday destination. Remember to pack old children’s clothes, so their best garments do not get ruined during the exploration. Plus, in Tuscany, you can pick up their famous wine and unwind after a long day.


With so many holiday choices it is difficult to choose one and all destinations are family friendly, depending on your own family’s individual needs. The world is your oyster, so get booking your summer holiday now!


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