Travel Bag Must-haves – Take Less

Travel Bag Must-haves – Take Less

When organizing your trip, you are usually preoccupied with many activities, concerning the booking of the tickets, preparing of the luggage and choosing the most desirable hotel. Normally, you make a list of all the things that you need to put in your suitcase but you may have observed that you rarely use even half of the things that you had taken with you.

All the gadgets, clothes and other accessories happen to be left somewhere deep in your suitcase, during the whole trip. If you are fed up with taking a lot of things with you for your vacation, the time for the travel must-haves list has finally home.

There are things that tend to be inseparable part of your journey and it is better to have these things at your disposal, whenever you are away from home. To experience non-problematic and excellent time, I personally advise you to take the following things with you and to enjoy your vacation in the best possible way.

Your Lovely Eye Mask

Ensuring a good quality of your sleep is essential for having nice time for your vacation. Whether you will use the mask during your flight or at your hotel room, it does not matter – the most important thing is that you will feel completely comfortable and relaxed. The eye mask is the ideal decision for the eliminating of the light and for ensuring the peace and comfort that you deserve.

Your Favourite Book

Even though nowadays the latest modernities in the technology allow you to read your favourite book on your Kindle or iPad, I advise you to choose a non-electronic option and to pick up one of your favourite books with yourself. While the technologies can always break down, the book is a reliable source of entertainment that could distract you while you are travelling. It is a perfect option for long-distance travelling, so do not forget to put one in your bag.

A Chewing Gum

It is needless to say that you need to maintain a proper hygiene in your mouth and that is why you need to have a chewing gum in your bag. Apart from this, after eating while you travel you had better refresh your breath, by taking one or two juicy or mint chewing gums.

Paper and Pen

Paper and pen could always become very useful, while you are travelling. You may want to write down some important information or address but if the battery of your mobile phone is low, the last option remains the pen and the paper. They won’t fill so much space in your bag and the can serve you in an excellent way for many emergency cases.

Water and Food

While you think that this would be the first must-haves at your list, I assure you that many people forget to take some food and water while they are travelling. It is due to the fact that they are too preoccupied with the arranging of the luggage and they miss to think of the most common things like a bottle of water and home prepared sandwich.

These are some of the must-haves for ensuring pleasant and undisturbed travel. Remove all the unnecessary stuff from your luggage and make a list of  the basic things that you want to take with you. Take into consideration the things that I have already mentioned and be prepared for your fascinating vacation. Forget about the heavy suitcases and bags and concentrate on the fascinating experiences that are awaiting for you. Clean your bag from the useless things and explore new places and destinations during your vacation.


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