California’s Must Eat Foods!

California’s Must Eat Foods!

There are so many good reasons to hit the road and explore California. From the big city lights of LA to the bohemian cafe culture of San Francisco. From the picturesque scenery of Yosemite to the lazy golf days at Palm Springs. California is a treasure trove of beauty and lifestyle. But, there’s another jewel in the crown. The food! California has so much to offer when it comes to the foodie traveller. The long coastline makes it great for fish dishes. LA is home to both culinary stars and awesome street vendors. San Francisco has its own unique take on food culture too, unlike anywhere else in the states. Here’s checklist you can take with you on your next trip!


Double Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches
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Ice cream sandwich – Sure, LA has some of the finest restaurants on the planet. After all, it’s home to the rich and famous, who demand fine dining! However, you’ll actually find some of the best food right there on the street. There’s a particular food cart in the heart of UCLA campus that has become legendary for one particular foodie favourite. The ice cream sandwich. Once you sink your teeth into it, you’ll realise why you just queued for such a long time! And you thought New York was the only place with good street food.


Smoked salmon pizza – San Francisco have a somewhat experimental attitude towards pizza. It’s not a recipe that needs much experimentation if you ask me. So, I was sceptical about Frisco’s smoked salmon pizza. That is until I tasted it! It’s one of those dishes that really shouldn’t work. But it does. Oh, it does!


Pork Xiao Long Bao – You can’t visit San Francisco and not explore the wonderful Chinatown. It’s like stepping into a whole different world. Now, you’ve got to be careful in this part of town. Because there are a lot of wannabe restaurants. It’s your job to hunt out the authentic, classic Chinese restaurants. My advice? Look for the ones that have Chinese-only menus! Once you’re in there, ask for the Pork Xiao Long Bao. It’s a dumpling soup, and it is the tastiest thing in Chinatown.


Seafood Cioppino – California’s coast is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in America. Some even rival New Orleans (seriously!) It won’t take long to find a delicious seafood lunch here on the west coast. My favourite meal is the seafood cioppino. It’s classic seafood chowder or soup, with a slight Italian twist. It’s full of clams, mussels, prawns and calamari.


Chopped fruit with chilli and limeWhat?? Yep, that was my reaction too. But, just wait until you try it. This is another classic vendor food on the streets of LA. It comes in a little plastic bag. You’ll find chopped melon, apple, and oranges laced with chilli powder and lime juice. It’s a weird combination, but it works! It will also keep you nice and healthy on your wandering travels!


And so we come to the end of my Californian foodie tour. Fellow Sunshine Staters, what have I missed? Let me know in the comment section below!


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