Three Of The Best Holiday Spots In Cuba

Three Of The Best Holiday Spots In Cuba

Cuba may be famous in Western culture for ChéGuevera, the Cold War, and vintage cars, but there is so much more to see. As the US trade embargo has recently been lifted, holidaymakers are flocking in their hundreds to get a taste of the time-warped island before it has a chance for any American influences. But with so much to see and do over the beautiful island, it’s almost always a good time to visit. Book your trip to Cuba with Cuba Holidays and see the best places for yourself.


Old Town, Havana


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Any visitor’s first stop in Cuba should be to visit the warm and eclectic region of Old Havana, in the North of the country. During the day you can take a taxi in a remodelled vintage cadillac, sipping a spicy cuban coffee in a cafe in Plaza Vieja; visit the Museo Nacional de BellasArtes to see a rich variety of Cuban art; or learn more about its turbulent political history in the Museo de la Revolución. As dusk falls, you can take a tour of the museum and distillery in the Havana Club Museum, which incidentally has a bar attached; or head to 1830 for a proper cubalibré and salsa dancing lessons.


Viñales Valley, Pinar del Río


view over the Vinales valley
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Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Cuba’s National Park has something for everyone. Nature lovers and ramblers will enjoy an afternoon hike, through tobacco plantations and between dome-shaped mogote hills. The relaxed trail restrictions allow you to choose from hundreds of routes according to your stamina and ability, perfect for beginners and advanced hikers. If walking is too slow, the relatively flat terrain provides some of the most scenic (and relaxing) cycling paths in the Caribbean, while you can even have a try at climbing the mogotes with local teachers. Alternatively, there are a couple of options for going caving or even take a dip in an underground pool. The surrounding villages are inhabited by a multicultural blend of African, Indigenous, and Spanish origins, as reflected in the delicious food and gorgeous handicrafts for sale.


Trinidad, Central Cuba


Trinidad, Cuba
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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in the 19th century, an overnight stay in Trinidad will show you. Originally a Spanish colonial settlement, built upon a sugar plantation industry, the city remains virtually unchanged after 1850. Wander around the stunning architecture of this UNESCO protected ghost-town, surrounded on one side by lush mountain jungles and on the other by picture-perfect beaches. Get a sense of context by visiting the MuseoHistórico Municipal, and be sure to climb the tower to see a panoramic view of the city; while the Casa TemploSanteríaYemayá preserves the traditional Afro-Cuban religion Santería.


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