Road Trippin’: 5 Things You Need To Know

Road Trippin’: 5 Things You Need To Know

Road Trip
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Some of the great stories of our time took place on a road trip. Countless films and novels are devoted to Route 66 in America and the Pacific coast road. There is no better way to see the true heart of a country. It’s also an affordable way to travel, and you could make it part of your gap year. If your wanderlust is getting the better of you, perhaps it’s time to hitch up the wagon! But, before you embark on your journey, there are few things you should know. Trust us, we’ve done plenty of road trips in our time, and we wish we knew some of these tips sooner!

  1. Choose the perfect route

As much as we love the concept of hitting the open road and leaving the destination to chance, it’s a dangerous idea. Instead, make sure you set out with a rough route in mind. We know that road trips are all about spontaneity and adventure, but you need a little structure. At the very least, you need a destination in mind. That will give you something to aim for, and you can change course slightly along the way. Giving yourself a little structure allows you to plan the finances and practicalities.

  1. Pick a reliable and comfortable vehicle

There is nothing worse than breaking down on Route 66. Or anywhere else to be honest. Particularly in America, there are long stretches of road with no other cars to be seen. If you break down, you’re on your own, or you’re hitchhiking home. So, make sure you pick a reliable vehicle from car dealers  that won’t let you down. Don’t underestimate comfort either. Until you’ve spent eight hours in the same car you don’t know the pain! Ideally, the best option is buying a new travel trailer. That will give you plenty of room, and it’s reliable to boot.

  1. Travel in good company

Your road trip is only as good as the company you keep! A long trip is a real test of friendship, so you’ve got to get along well. Everyone gets tired, bored, and frustrated on a long road trip. It’s up to you to pick the right company. The best travel companions are laidback and easygoing. Things will often go wrong out on the road, and the last thing you want is panic and stress!

  1. Be spontaneous

Although we remind you to have a destination in mind, do embrace a little spontaneity. It’s what makes life exciting! If a particular turn-off looks intriguing, take it! If a local suggests a great spot, go and visit. Leave yourself open to new adventures and sites. Don’t stick to a tight schedule, but let yourself slowly float towards the destination.

  1. Take photos and a journal

Last of all, remember to take plenty of photos, and even a journal. You’ll want to capture every random moment, and remember it for years to come!

A road trip will take you on all sorts of wonderful adventures. Have you had a fantastic experience on the road? Let us know about it!

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