Tips For The Most Luxurious Ski Trip Ever

Tips For The Most Luxurious Ski Trip Ever

So you’ve decided that the time has come to plan a ski trip, and can’t wait to get everything planned out. Perhaps you’ve been saving up for a while or have come into some money, and so, plan on enjoying a ski trip fit for royalty, no expense spared. (Well, almost no expense spared.)

Skiing can make a fantastic vacation, as long as you’re organized about, that is. Ask any seasoned skiing expert, and they’ll tell you that the key to skiing vacation success is planning. Take the time to plan out every last detail of your trip and you can ensure that you have the most amazing time.

Don’t stay in a hotel

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Often, when we think of luxury, we think of lavish hotel rooms. However, when it comes to skiing, hotels rooms aren’t the most high-end accommodation option. Oh no, for ultimate alpine luxury, ski chalets are your best option. Complete with housekeepers, champagne, and private hot tubs and saunas, if you want luxury, go for a chalet.

Travel via first class

There’s nothing luxurious about traveling on a cramped plane, squashed up in a tiny seat. For a break that screams luxury from start to finish, opt for the finer things. This means that instead of settling for regular plane tickets, opt for first class seats instead. You’ll be more comfortable, have more legroom, and might even get offered a free glass of champagne if you opt to travel first class. It might cost more, but it’s more than worth it.

Research all the best restaurants

Want your trip to be as luxurious as possible? Before you go, spend some time researching all the best restaurants. Regardless of the resort that you choose, you’ll find that there will be a selection of venues to eat in. Some luxurious, and others more family-orientated. So it’s a good idea to do some research beforehand, to ensure that you know all the best places to eat and drink. For finding all of the nicest places at your resort and in the surrounding area, TripAdvisor is fantastic.

Treat yourselves to queue jump ski passes

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Instead of buying regular ski passes, contact the resort to ask whether they offer any enhanced options. For instance, some resorts offer queue jump ski passes, and others offer access to extra lifts, and so on. So if you want a break that’s truly luxurious, it’s a good idea to think about these things beforehand.

Spoil yourself with the newest skis

To make your trip, even more, memorable, why not spoil yourself with a pair of the newest skis? If you normally rent your skis or have been using old equipment for a while, now is the time to treat yourself. Visit your local skiing or sports store and have a browse of all the newest skiing gear, to see if there’s anything that you want to invest in.

Want to make your next skiing trip as luxurious as possible? Then make sure to take note of the tips above.

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