Must-See Spots In New York

Must-See Spots In New York

Is there any city in the world that’s quite like New York? Each of its five boroughs are home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. The rich mix of cultures are reflected beautifully in different ways throughout the Big Apple. Whether there’s a few specific spots you want to see or you intend to soak the whole city in, there are certain things you simply can’t miss. Here’s a little checklist of some particular marvels the city has to offer.

New York City Winter Sunset
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Because of the large concentration of tourism, New York is great for accommodation. Whether you’re with a group of friends or your whole family, there are a lot of options for staying right in the heart of Manhattan. You can check out the New York vacation rentals here. If you all feel knackered from the flight, then start off with a relaxing visit to central park. Although beautiful just for its grass and trees, there are many things to see and do here. The park is the home of the intriguing Boathouse Café, where you can enjoy some divine Sancerre while looking out across the stunning lake. You can even spend a lovely afternoon here without spending a penny. Simply laze in the setting sun or stroll around and watch the many street performers.


If the park’s a little too peaceful for your tastes, then head to Times Square. Ask any native New Yorker, and they’ll tell you they avoid this area for the crowds of tourists. This, of course is no reason for you to cut it out of your trip. Though slightly daunting, Times Square is truly a sight to behold. If you’re in the city, you’d be crazy not to walk beneath its massive screens and lights at least once. While you’re there, you may want to book some tickets to see one of the fantastic Broadway shows. Getting into one of these is never cheap, but you can still find yourself a better-than-average deal. Companies such as TKTS offer some incredible discounts on truly breath-taking performances.


If you want your mind blown by the city all at once, then the Empire State Building is another must-see. A trip up the tower will leave you speechless, and offers all kinds of information about the Empire State’s construction and history. As incredible as the view is, the queue to get to the top can be intolerable, especially in the summer! For an alternative that’s nearly as stunning, try the Top of the Rock. This is the Rockefeller Center’s multi-tiered observation deck. From here, you get brilliant views of everything from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State itself.


After having these iconic experiences, the city is yours to explore. You won’t believe the amount of amazing museums, restaurants and shops scattered around New York. After a week or two in this famous metropolis, you’ll have a truly unforgettable experience to look back on. Like any city, remember to take advice from the locals. They’ll be full of great recommendations the tourist board simply brushed over!

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