How To Survive Long Haul Flights With Ease

How To Survive Long Haul Flights With Ease

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Aeroplanes may be fantastic for flying us around the world, but they aren’t always the most comfortable transport option. Even the most experienced flyers can find long hauls flights highly uncomfortable. Instead of enjoying the journey you can spend the entire time wishing you were somewhere else. If you are also an uneasier flyer your anxieties can be exacerbated further if you don’t feel comfortable. So instead of avoiding long haul flights and missing out on a whole host of adventures, use these tips to make your experience more comfortable.


Get yourself prepared

Chances are that you know you are boarding a long haul flight weeks in advance. So there is no excuse for lack of planning and preparation. Use this time to find the best neck travel pillow, eye mask and headphones to take with you. Also, look for any other items that might add some more comfort to your flight. You can buy these items at the airport before you go but you may find they only have overpriced items with limited options. Remember to take some entertainment with you also. You may find your television screen is broken, leaving you bored for the duration of the flight. These items may take up valuable space in your hand luggage. But they will make your flying experience infinitely more comfortable. Long haul flights can feel a lot longer if you can’t sleep due to crying children, neck pains and bright lights.


Sleep beforehand

As stated above, planes are not ideal places to sleep in. Unless you have an entirely reclining chair in first class, it’s unlikely you will get a solid eight hours of sleep during your flight. So the night before you go, make sure you get plenty of rest. Even though you may be excited for your holiday or long term travelling, your body needs sleep to stay alert and healthy. Remember even when you reach the airport you will have long queues and hours of waiting around before you even get on the plane. Then when you reach your destination, you need to get to your accommodation and unpack. This makes for an incredibly long day and not sleeping beforehand could make you feel terrible throughout your journey.


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Move around the cabin

Sitting still for hours on end is never a good thing. It’s vital that you keep your blood flowing while you are on board. Not doing so can result in cramps, blood clots, strokes and heart attacks. Make sure you stretch your legs by going to the bathroom every so often. If you have to wait, do some light stretches or walk up and down the aisle a few times. This will encourage your blood to flow normally and will make you feel a lot better. You can also move around in your seat but try not to annoy the person sitting next to you.


These tips will help make your flight a far more enjoyable experience. Now you know how to survive a long haul flight with ease, you can start making some exciting travel plans.





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