Lift Sharing VS Booking a Taxi

Lift Sharing VS Booking a Taxi

As lift sharing continues to gain in popularity, many people debate the pros and cons of a taxi versus a lift share experience. Some individuals make lift sharing out to be dangerous and others believe taxis have been extorting customers for decades. This is an attempt at unbiased review on both sides of the story.


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The certification process and training of a taxi driver is highly advantageous in numerous scenarios such as during traffic accidents, holidays and city events. A taxi driver often knows a number of ways to quickly reach your destination without the need for a GPS. In most cities, the time to be picked up by a lift share ride is significantly lower than that of a taxi to arrive. Another benefit to lift sharing is that no cash is transacted in person, but rather all payments are made through the app and you do not have to tip.


In many cities, lift sharing is significantly less expensive than taking a taxi. Both drivers have a number of costs in many instances such as insurance, petrol and monthly vehicle payments; however, a lift sharing driver typically has less expenses in terms of fees pertaining to operating a vehicle as a business. These lesser expenses of a lift share driver are often passed onto the customer. Combine their already low rates with a Lyft discount code, and you can save a lot of money on your travels.


One of the biggest disadvantages to lift sharing is that the driver can cancel at anytime without notice. This is particularly challenging during the times you are in a hurry which is nearly always if you are taking a taxi or a lift share. Taxi drivers are not reviewed and rated publicly; therefore, the personal service experience is often not as rewarding as with a lift share driver.

Sharing a taxi

A nice middle ground between lift sharing and hiring a taxi is actually lift sharing a taxi. This can halve the costs for two sets of passengers and gives you the reliability and professionalism of a local taxi company. This may not be as easy to organise as the individual option but offers a lot of benefits for all parties. A great example of where this could be utilized is airport taxi services, with a group trying to get to the airport for the same flight. Around Bristol some taxi companies are implementing a share a taxi scheme to content with uber which is threatening their business.


Safety with these types of services lies within both personal safety and the risk of traffic accidents. Many people have read headlines about a dangerous encounter with a lift share driver such as an attack on a woman, however these incidents are extraordinarily rare and it does occur with taxi drivers, as well. The biggest difference in safety is in terms of the level of skill of the driver; whereas, a taxi driver is often professionally trained.

Both a taxi and a lift share ride have pros and cons. Both services have illegal drivers and both services potentially make your life more convenience. It is up to you to determine which aspects are most important to you before booking your next ride.

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