Ultimate Advice For Luxury Camping Trips

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We know what most people think of when they picture camping. They think about the bug bites, itching and scratching the skin. They start to imagine cramped tents with no room to breathe or move. But you have to retreat to your tent at night away from the many animals out in the forest. They might start to think about the last time they tried to start a fire with two pieces of tinder because someone forgot the matches. Or, how about those nasty tin cans of food that you had to eat cold. No one could get the fire going anyway. But camping doesn’t have to be like this. Camping can be a wonderful, luxurious experience if you make the right decisions planning your trip.

Where Are You Going?

This makes all the difference camping. You need to find the perfect spot out in the middle of nowhere so that no one will disturb you. It should be close to a water source but not too close that if it rains you’re going to need to move. You also should consider how far away from civilisation you’ll be. Again, you don’t want to be too far that you can’t get emergency supplies, if necessary. That’s why you should book a place on a luxury camping ground. These are scattered throughout the country and there’s a reason they cost money. They’re absolutely stunning with all the facilities you could ever need. Did you know you can camp in Disney World? You can, right by the lake, it’s one of the most beautiful spots you could imagine.

What Are You Staying In?

A lot of people link camping with a tent. Maybe a sleeping back and one of those rubbish foamy floors that doesn’t protect your back from the cold ground. If you hate this idea and I know many of you do, there is another option. You can rent or buy a trailer. If you love the idea of living it up in the outdoors but you hate the bugs and the beasties, this is the perfect option. You’ll have all the comfort of a luxury hotel but you’ll be away from the crowds in complete seclusion. It sounds like the perfect vacation, and that’s exactly what it is. You just need to think about what RV or trailer to purchase. But don’t worry because there are lots of different models to suit any budget.

When Are You Going?

If you’re going camping, don’t bother trying your luck in the winter weather. Wait until the summer season for the perfect camping experience. There might be bugs, but they won’t bother you in your trailer. Or, if you want a milder heat head out now, at the start of spring. Spring break is only a few weeks away and what’s a better way to spend it than a luxury camping trip with your family.

We hope you take our advice on board and start planning your own luxury camping trip right now. If you do, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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