There is a Little Bit of Everything for Best Israel Tours

There is a Little Bit of Everything for Best Israel Tours

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For a small country like Israel, it means a so much if they could get in a lot of tourists. The good thing about Israel is that despite it’s small size, it has a lot to offer when it comes to best Israel tours with all of the tourists sites that you can find in just about any part of the country. Obviously, there is no second guessing that pilgrimages of the religious kinds are what drive the tourism industry of this country and provides work for many people who work as an Israel travel guide.

Best Israel Tours for Religious Sites

There is no other country that encompasses the number of religious sites for pilgrimages than Israel. Best Israel tours have Jerusalem at the top of travelers’ lists citing that these travelers would like to visit the places like the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Sepulchre. These are just a few of the sites found within the boundaries of the Old City so ask your Israel travel guide to show them to you. But aside from these religious sites, there is a lot more to see around Israel in a secular manner. The Northern city of Haifa has the perfect mix of religious and secular sites that people can enjoy. For the religious, there is the Baha’i faith home. And for those who want some fun, they can enjoy the beaches of this coastal city.  For those who want modern amenities and a bustling art scene, they can go to Tel Aviv. Aside from malls and restaurants, Tel Aviv is also known for its’ beaches. Your Israel travel guide will show you these and many other interesting places.

Popular sites your Israel travel guide should show you

There is a lot to see in the Holy Land of Israel. These are just of the few that you should include in your best Israel tours travel plans in the future.

  1. The architecture of Tel Aviv. This is known as Bauhaus Architecture and it seen in a big majority of all the buildings in this modern city.
  2. A visit to the old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall
  3. The Coenaculum where Jesus Christ had his last supper. This dining room is located in another historic site – Mount Zion. Another interesting fact about Mount Zion is that it serves home to the remains of King David.
  4. A surreal experience would be to try to float on the Dead Sea. This has the highest salinity percentage of all bodies of water which makes sinking impossible.
  5. Have a walk through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. This quarter is called the Mea Sharim.
  6. Up North is all about the relaxing beach resorts of Haifa and the gardens surrounding Baha’i.

Surely there is a lot that one can do when it comes to traveling to the Holy Land and finding a knowledgeable Israel travel guide to show you all that you want to see and more. The reason for this is that Israelis have a way of adapting to the modern times and yet give a lot of importance to their history and religious ancestry. There is no way that Israelis will let go of all their riches of the past and yet they would also love to build for the future. This is the characteristic that has enthralled many visit to arrange a best Israel tours.

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