Top 5 Reasons to Visit South Africa As Soon As Possible

Top 5 Reasons to Visit South Africa As Soon As Possible

South Africa


When you are looking for somewhere new and exotic to visit, there are plenty of reasons for thinking that South Africa could have exactly what you are after. This is a fascinating and massively diverse country that has something for tourists of every possible type of taste.

If you don’t know what to expect of this thrilling part of Africa then the following are 5 of the very best reasons to visit here as soon as you possibly can.


Stunning Natural Beauty

Everywhere you go in this amazing country you are likely to see great examples of its outstanding natural beauty all around you. From the iconic Table Mountain in Cape Town to the lush green Kruger National Park and the long varied coastline, this is a country that never ceases to thrill tourists.

As for the wildlife, it isn’t all about seeing the famous Big 5 animals, although many visitors fulfill a lifelong ambition to do this. In addition, you can look for whales, exotic birds, sharks and even penguins while you are here.

The South African cities are magnificent but if you want soak up the beauty and pleasure of this great country then you will want to get out to see its natural beauty as often as you can.


A Sense of Adventure

Where else in the world can you get the exciting sense of adventure and freedom that South Africa offers? No matter where in the world you come from, there is nothing to beat the feeling of heading out to the plains, the mountains or the coast.

Will you go ziplining in the Garden Route, walk up Table Mountain or enjoy some watersports in sunny Durban? Whatever it is that you have always dreamed of doing, making it a reality in South Africa is easier than you might imagine.


Great Value

A lot of the tourists who visit South Africa get a very pleasant surprise when they arrive, as it is a very good value destination. The tourism infrastructure is tremendous and the likes of food and hotel accommodation are a lot cheaper than you might think.

Another useful point to remember is that it is easy and cheap to get around the country using the best South African airlines. You can check out here which airlines some of the top South Africa travel bloggers including Scarlet prefer and have a simple way of getting to see all of this diverse country even on a tight budget.


The Friendly People

The population of South Africa currently stands at some 53 million. This total figure includes a hugely diverse range of inhabitants that make up a country that can truly be called a Rainbow Nation.

From the Indian-influenced Durban to the Soweto township and the cosmopolitan cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, you will find friendly and smiling faces everywhere you go. The typical South African loves to see overseas visitors come and enjoy the splendour of their country.

The diversity of the country is also seen in the food that you will sample when you get here. From the eclectic cuisine of Cape Town to a wonderful barbecue in Johannesburg and a traditional bunny chow in Durban, there is always something new and exciting to try here.


Terrific Weather

The famously good weather in South Africa is another factor that makes it a tourist destination to be reckoned with. The climate varies from one part of the country to another but generally speaking it is warm and sunny most of the year.

If you like steaming hot temperatures then tropical Durban is a wonderful choice of city. For something a bit cooler you could head to the higher altitude city of Johannesburg or enjoy the refreshing sea breeze at Cape Town.

If you haven’t yet started to explore the treasures of South Africa then now is the perfect time to head over and discover one of the world’s genuine treasures in the way that best suits you.


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