Find Out What the Weekend Nightlife Is Like in Buzzing Les Gets

Find Out What the Weekend Nightlife Is Like in Buzzing Les Gets

Les Gets

The city life may make anyone a few years older, and it’s a definite need to take a break from all the sleepless nights and early morning meetings. You may want to just sleep it off, but going somewhere new and exciting may help awaken your spirits.

Are you eager to have a different kind of fun this weekend? Les Gets may be that one place where you, your family and your friends would love to stay for a weekend escapade.

Knowing Les Gets

Les Gets can be found in the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France and has two ski areas on either side of the town: Mont Chery and Chavannes. The town sits 100 meters higher than Morzine.

The Mechanical Music Festival has been running for 25 years in the region. During the festival, the streets are closed to traffic and are filled with mechanical music.

Skiing season is from middle of December until the middle of April. For summer adventurers, the perfect time to ski starts in June and ends around September. Les Gets also offer great tracks and excellent trails for mountain bikers as well as cycling routes used in Tour de France competitions.

During summer where flowers are all abloom, Les Gets hosts a lot of golfers who enjoy an 18-hole golf course and other activities by the lake. During winter, skiers from many different parts of the world enjoy the various slopes that both novices and experts enjoy. It has a wide area of 650 kilometers  for skiing.

The place is also known for its very flavorful Savoy dishes. Some of the popular dishes include tartiflette, a dish of potatoes “au gratin” with reblochon cheese and lardons. Meanwhile, Génépi is also often enjoyed as a digestif from which locals have produced their own versions of this traditional liquier.

The Ultimate Getaway

Les Gets is a perfect venue for a quick weekend getaway, whether it’s in the company of friends or just by yourself. There are so many beautiful places to stay at Les Gets, all with wonderful views of the village and surrounding mountains. Chalets are strategically located near the ski area, which makes it very convenient if you desire luxurious ski trips.

Mont Chery offers the best view facing the picturesque beauty of Mont Blanc via two famous restaurants: Grande Ourse and Belvedere.

During summer, Les Gets is brimming with a lot of activities. Children of all ages will love local entertainment such as street performers, wooden games and carousels. At the center of the village, live bands can be found performing to attract both locals and tourists.

Les Gets is also very popular because of its nightlife. Many restaurants abound Les Gets, ranging from family-friendly and fairly-priced food shops to high-end restaurants which specialize in local savoyard cuisine. This is also one of the reasons why so many people flock into this village.


Les Gets Nightlife

The commonly crowded pubs are Bar Bush, Black Bear, Le Pub, Le Boomerang, and Zebra3. One of the oldest nightclubs in France, L’Igloo Chalet Club, has been open since 1938. This club holds themed events, and is open until 6am.

Les Get nightlife is a pleasant atmosphere as both locals and visitors would agree. There are many bars that you may want to try and experience. Most of the bars offer live music until two in the morning, and so it could become crowded most especially during weekends.

Family-friendly activities

People of all ages will find Les Gets as a perfect place to unwind and have fun. Families will enjoy their time together playing at the bowling alley, traversing the ice skating rink, enjoying dog sledding, and watching movies. One of the popular activities among kids is jeering, in which a child is pulled by a horse while on skis.

Every January and February, a mountain event called Big Mountain Battle is held every year, and is open to all ages and levels. It is played by teams of two who need to cover all checkpoint lifts, runs, and hikes around the mountain in three hours. The events end with an apres-ski evening at the host bar.

Les Gets is definitely a good addition to your 2017 ski holidays plans. Apart from experiencing a different kind of nightlife at Les Gets, you may also find it fun to ski and enjoy the fantastic landscapes that Les Gets has to offer. This region makes France one of the best holiday destinations that anyone should really enjoy.

Gearing up

Before you even think of trying to glide through all those slopes that Les Gets has, be sure that you are properly geared up.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you should follow these tips before going out for skiing.

  • Always have a watch with you. Some watches have additional features that may also be helpful in other sports, such as a heart or pulse rate monitor.
  • Make sure that you always go out with something to protect your eyes. The sun’s glare may not be your best friend as it can affect your eyesight. Always use UV protected lens.
  • For the more sophisticated skier, you may want to try the advanced features of the latest goggles out in the market that has sensors to track down and monitor speed, distance, vertical drop and altitude – right in your line of sight via a small screen.
  • You may choose between a mobile phone or a transceiver to carry with you. These devices are very important to bring especially if you are going to a challenging area. Handheld gadgets give you the opportunity to either ask for help when the need arises, or communicate with your family or friends while on your ski holiday.
  • Never leave without your beanie to protect your head from the cold. You may not think that it is important, but it really helps in keeping your head warm while you glide through the slopes at high speed.
  • Your ski boots should comfortably fit you. Always check if they are still in good condition before using them. You may never know how cold it may get once you are out there in the snow.
  • Your ski clothing – which includes your gloves and ski boots – should be comfortable and provide you with enough insulation.
  • Your ski helmet can prevent your head from serious injuries. Never leave without it, because you should always keep safety at the top of your priorities wherever you go.

Les Gets is one destination that anyone would absolutely fall in love with. From its magical views of the mountain slopes to the different places worthy to be visited, there seem to be an endless number of things to do in Les Gets, and being there for just over a weekend may not be enough.

What makes it stand out among other holiday destinations is that they emphasize the needs of children with regards to providing them several ways to enjoy the place. The family-friendly activities at Les Gets make it a really fun weekend escapade to remember.

Prepare for a memorably spectacular experience when you spend your next holiday at Les Gets.


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