Maintain Good Health while waiting through Airport Gyms

Maintain Good Health while waiting through Airport Gyms

Airports have long been a sanctuary for inactivity, which has created the perfect space for airport gyms to flourish. Just think of the hours you have spent waiting in an airport terminal – valuable time that will never return. Bored and tired passengers have had plenty of options to eat fast food and wait in chairs before their flight leaves.Who says that you cannot maintain good health by going to the airport? Yes you can, and considering that Roam Fitness is opening their first location at the BWI airport on November 22, 2016, your chance is closer than you think.


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Time-Strapped Travelers Receive More Options to Exercise. Fortunately, many businesses have decided to fill the empty void that is all too familiar for anyone who has spent time in an airport. Of course, you might perform a few stretches, take the stairs or even run through the terminal with your luggage. However, most people sit in uncomfortable chairs or lean against walls while reading their smart phone or tablet.Now that the winds are changing for travelers, airports worldwide are joining the craze to offer free or paid spaces to exercises while you wait.

There are options ranging from walking to gyms with every piece of equipment imaginable. Sedentary passengers are now without excuses to do anything other than sit. However, just because more options are appearing, will people catch on and take advantage of moments to improve their health? Or, will they continue to be so preoccupied with their departure time that they miss the opportunity to do something good for their health?

Some travelers who are strapped for time may consider it a waste of time to go into a gym before their flight departs. Others will dismiss the unhealthy snacks and do what they never seem to have enough time for away from the airport. Get Fit While You Wait a rescheduled or delayed flight can offer the perfect amount of time for you to work off that frustration in a gym facility.

Nearby hotels were previous options for passengers caught in the delay. Now, they do not have to leave the terminal and instead, can get their workout in at the airport. For those who are hesitant to begin with a gym membership, there is still ways to make use of your time in the airport. Walking, which is one of the best things you can do for your heart, is a free and simple way to stay fit. With the American Heart Association installing walking tracks in U.S. airports, your path to healthy has gotten a little easier.The good thing about this option is you do more than walk to the food court. Various routes are mapped throughout the airport that highlights the number of steps you have taken.

Yoga is another option for travelers who feel cramped up. Studio spaces offer props and mats where you can stretch and meditate during a layover. Some airports even offer classes in which you can participate.Whether you decide to walk around the airport, stretch in a yoga class or go into a gym, the point is you have options to do something good for your health. Unless you want to cancel your flight, you have nothing else to do but wait. Why not invest that time into yourself? Movement Kills Time and Keeps You Healthy A sedentary lifestyle could lead to health challenges, but 10 or 15 minutes of exercise can make a difference in whether you can even continue to travel.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, every adult should accumulate a minimum of 150 minute in some type of physical activity each week. That is two hours and 30 minutes. How many times has your flight been delayed for half that amount of time? If you went to the gym or walked around the airport for 75 minutes, you are already halfway there.If you travel with your children and/or teens, you might as well get them involved as well. They also need moderate or vigorous aerobic activity. Give them at least one hour a day and they are establishing good healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

The next time you see “delayed” next to your departing flight, do not despair. Even if that is your initial reaction, hopefully you are in an airport with a gym so you can work off the stress. If not, begin a healthy trek around the airport. Just keep moving. Going to the nearest sports bar or restaurant is easy. Decompressing in the terminal fitness center is a better, healthier choice.

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