5 Most Interesting Outdoor Activities You Can check Out in The UK

5 Most Interesting Outdoor Activities You Can check Out in The UK

UK wakeboarding

Visiting the UK doesn’t have to just be about London. Whilst it may not be the best place for winter sports, there are plenty of amazing fun activities that can be enjoyed outdoors. Even if the British weather is not on your side. Here are some of the most interesting things to try in the UK.

Caving and Abseiling another World Underground

How do you fancy an underground journey through a subterranean maze? Well the peak district offers just that. The caving expeditions in this area guide you past interesting rock formations, breath-taking waterfalls and negotiating drops of up to thirty feet. Does that sound like your kind of adventure? Feel like you are navigating another planet entirely on this outdoor yet underground adventure.

Flying Back in Time

Have you ever dreamed of flying like Biggles? At the Imperial war museum in Duxford, Cambridgeshire you can treat yourself to a flying lesson in a Tiger Moth. Yes that’s right, you can don a leather jacket and goggles and fly a classic 1930s plane. A unique experience to immerse yourself into the life of a world war two fighter ace and take to the skies. Loved by both young and old, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Wakeboarding – The New Extreme

If you like your extreme sports then this is a great activity to try. A cross between snowboarding and water skiing, this sport is the adrenalin junkies next big thing. North Wales is a good place to start as with many extreme sports. You’ll find rugged coastlines and beaches where instructors start you with the basics then if you are really good, move you onto the tricks! The southern coast of England especially Cornwall, is another place to try this sport. Popular with surfers and other water sport enthusiasts you really will be spoiled for choice. Check out the TOAD website if you are looking for great UK activities like this to try.


There are many places you can enjoy horse-riding in the UK and is a destination well known for it. Whether it’s a countryside trek or galloping through the waves on the beach, you can have the experience here. Choose between a single ride or book horse riding lessons, where you will not only learn how to trot gallop and jump. But also, how to care for and look after horses at the stables. If you are looking for a romantic as well as an interesting activity then horse riding it is.

Special Forces Training – How would you do in the SAS?

How do you think you would fare in a warzone? In the midlands, you can experience what it is like to be in combat with specially trained officers guiding you through your training. Put yourself in situations only special military and police forces around the world experience and test your skills. You will be put through your paces but have fun too, throwing grenades, dodging mines and learning how to fire your gun.

The UK has a range of sports and outdoors activities for it’s visitors to try which is great if you want an activity, holiday, weekend or just a day trip. What interesting activities do you take part in in the UK?


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