5 Ongoing Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

5 Ongoing Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

The list of pool extras may tend to get longer each year, but there is one item you do not want to be without, especially when you explore the benefits. A solar pool cover is an affordable way to eliminate many problems that all pool owners share. Below are five of the best reasons to invest in a solar cover for your pool.


Natural Heating of the Water

Advanced technology has allowed for the design of solar pool covers that capture heat from the sun better than ever before. This heat is trapped within tiny bubbles that comprise the inside of the pool cover material. The heat is then easily transferred to the pool water below. There is no electricity or other forms of power required.


Minimizes Evaporation

Pools will suffer from some level of water evaporation. Using a solar cover is one way to bring this problem to a minimum, especially in outdoor settings. Pools that are subject to long periods of direct sunlight can have problematic amounts of water disappear on a weekly basis. Retaining water is one way to reduce the cost of replacing this prized resource.


Maintains Pool Chemical Levels

Limiting pool water evaporation with a solar cover will ensure that the chemicals stay in good balance. Unfortunately, when pool water evaporates, there are important chemicals that leave as well. This leaves your pool at risk for developing algae and promoting bacterial growth. Help your pool stay in chemical balance.


Less Debris in Pool

Leaves, bugs, small limbs and trash can be a major nuisance for pool owners. These items can also jeopardize the function of the pool filtering system. This is why nets and scoops are so important to have on hand for pool maintenance and cleaning. You can make this job easier by adding and using a solar pool cover. It will block many of these items from entering the water.


Swim Comfortably Into the Cooler Months

Late September and early October can bring a chill to the air both morning and evening. Using an effective solar cover will keep the overall water temperature warm enough for comfortable swimming well into these cooler periods. You, your friends and family will get extended use of your pool.

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