Wear your happiest mood in exploring the breathtaking views in Greece

The spectacular landscapes, scenes and sights of Greece known as the Hellenic Republic in Southern Europe create a center of attraction to vacationers and tourists worldwide.

Recalling my high school history lessons, Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization which is also the birthplace of democracy. It has the the 11th longest coastline in the world at 13,676 km in length, includes an approximately 1,400 number of islands, and of which 227 are inhabited, consists of Crete, the Dodecanese, the Cyclades, and the Ionian Islands among others.

Mount Olympus, photo credits: petersommer.com

The Mount Olympus which is regarded as the “home” of the Twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world in Greek mythology can be seen in Greece.  The mountain is the highest in Greece at 9,570 ft and one of the highest peaks in Europe in terms of topographic prominence. According to the myth, it formed itself after the gods overpowered the Titans in the Titan War, in next to no time the palace was inhabited by the gods. It is the setting of many Greek mythical chronicles. As Homer, the ancient Greek poet have said “Olympus was not shaken by winds nor ever wet with rain, nor did snow fall upon it, but the air is outspread clear and cloudless, and over it hovered a radiant whiteness”

rio antirio bridge, photo credits to djibnet.com
rio antirio bridge at night, photo credits; trekearth.com

The longest cable-stayed bridge in Europe and second longest in the world is the Rio-Antirio bridge is set-up and constructed near the city of Patras, Greece.

photo credits to my friend Melanie
photo credits to my friend Melanie
photo credits to my friend Melanie
photo credits to my friend Melanie

Summer is the best season to visit Greece as it offers a vast seawater activities like beach soccer; beach volleyball; diving; pedalo riding; sailing; water slides; water skiing, underwater fishing, kayaking and surfing. Most beaches on this wind-swept islands are covered with fine sands. A very stimulating fun-time to enjoy the sun and the Aegean winds. One of the famous snow-white sand beach is Cyclades island.

Parthenon Ruins, photo credits to bestourism.com
Remains of Temple of Nemean Zeus, photo credits to my friend Melanie
photo courtesy of my friend Melanie
photo courtesy of my friend Melanie

The country also offers panoramic views, gardens, parks and playground which will give children a pleasurable environment to play. Museums with the displays of the relics and artifacts of the pre-historic temples are wide open for public views too.

photo from wikipedia.org

More fascinating photo captures! Many thanks to my friend Melanie.

ancient oiling and bathing area
designed gold pieces, taken from the museum
storage amphora 4th century bc
fashion accessories
artifacts 4th-6th bc
man-made Corinth canal
an early Christian tomb

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