Totally Relaxing Senior Vacation Rentals

Totally Relaxing Senior Vacation Rentals

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The best part of your retirement years is probably when you are finally able to travel, to relax and have fun. What better way to do so than going on a relaxing and fun-filled vacation be it with your significant other or visiting family members from afar. Since most seniors enjoy golfing, you may check on some special offer golf package deals through Direct Golf Holidays. However, when planning for a golf holiday you need to consider the place where you should stay. This is where senior vacation rentals come in.

What Is a Vacation Rental?

A vacation rental is the rental of a furnished condominium, apartment, or house on temporary terms as opposed to paying to stay in a hotel. Opting to rent fully furnished houses are relatively cheaper and more convenient for most people basically because all the necessities you will ever need is already provided for by the owner or landlord.

However, like any other alternative option, there will always be pros and cons. For example, vacation rentals are cheaper especially when you are planning to stay for an extended periods. Know, too, that vacation or holiday rentals do not have the same amenities as hotels such as 24-hour room service or maids to clean up your room. You have to do all those yourself.

As a senior citizen, you are faced with the challenge of how you can effectively budget your money for the duration of your vacation. In this case, availing of senior vacation rentals are the best choice. Sure, it means you have to do manual labor from time to time but it is a small price to pay for comfort as well as affordability – two terms that usually do not coincide because comfort is known to be costly.

Besides, if you were wise enough to ensure you have more than ample funds in your 401k coupled with your retirement money, then you would be able to enjoy your time and nightlife in senior vacation rentals. You might even start looking for golf carts for sale since it’s no secret golf is one of the activities that seniors enjoy, and senior vacation rentals happen to feature some of the best golf courses on the planet. They find it therapeutic and calming, not to mention the fact that it keeps their minds and bodies active.

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Finding Your Way around the Beach

There probably is no better way to spend your senior vacation than enjoying the salt and sand in Algarve Portugal, Mallorca Spain or Hawaii. The easiest to find a vacation rental is through a travel agency specializing in booking top of the class vacation rentals in these amazing places. Having your own travel agent to book and plan your travel plans will alleviate you of having to stress about your accommodations and travel itineraries. In addition to that, asking your booking agent to help you out with your planning will not entail additional costs.  Some of the two fabulous vacation rentals around Hawaii are:

• Maui Kai North Kaaanapali Beach, West Maui. Unlike most vacation rentals, Maui Kai is not only a senior-friendly condominium; they also have a daily maid service as well as high-speed Internet access. In addition to that, the condominium is situated in front the beach giving vacation goers a beautiful oceanfront view.

• Outrigger Royal Sea Cliff, Kona Big Island. Like Maui Kai, Outrigger is also a condominium that is also senior friendly. Although it has a daily maid service, they do not offer laundry service, which means you have to wash your own clothes. Given the situation, each condominium unit is equipped with their own washing machine and kitchen area for cooking. They offer various discounts and special amenities for the seniors and offer free Wi-Fi Internet as well.

Away from the Beach: North Georgia Cabin Rentals

If the beach is not for you and you would prefer the outdoors then the North Georgia Cabin Rentals are your best option. Unlike planning a stay in Hawaii, North Georgia’s mountain reserve does not have their own booking agency, but they do have their own website where you can book in advance. They offer a variety of things to do like canoeing, trout fishing, and golfing.  The place offers a variety of flea markets, fairs, and festivals. For seniors who love all things vintage, there are also a variety of antique and craft stores around town.

Wherever you choose to go on your senior vacation, the first thing on your requirements should include a budget- and senior-friendly senior vacation rental. With an agency to help you, all that is left to do is relax and have fun.


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