Tips for Having a Remarkable Staycation

Tips for Having a Remarkable Staycation

Having a limited time and budget should not stop you from having a fun-filled vacation. Staycation treats have become increasingly popular because you can do fun and exciting activities within driving distance for a day or two and save yourself the stress and spending associated with pricey trips abroad. But of course, here are some tips to help you enjoy the most out of your in-city exploration or relaxation treat.

Before setting out, take some time to know what’s in and happening in your hometown. Look out for gigs, festivals, exhibits and others that you may want to get involved with.

While on staycation, ditch your regular routine. Avoid checking emails or your work phone so that nothing will distract you from your vacation time. As much as possible, don‘t think about writing or computing, this will defeat the purpose of your vacation.

Sleeping in a different bed can easily make you feel like you’re out of town. If you’re staying home, pitch a tent in your yard or sleep in a hammock with a stand with your kids. If you can, you can book a room in luxe hotel nearby!

Indulge in some pamper session during staycation. Keep in mind that vacations are meant for de-stressing and relaxing so don’t hesitate to take advantage of home spa services. Prep your home with some scented candles, play Enya and make believe you’re in a villa somewhere near the beach.

And lastly, take advantage of your limited time to explore your very own home town or city. Visit parks, watch plays or trek to a hill, mountain or river. Do what tourists do in your area and marvel at everything that your hometown can actually offer.


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