How To Live Like A Local In Paxi Island

paxi island

Paxi is located about seven miles from the south of Corfu and twelve miles from Parga port. The island is known for its natural landscapes with its vegetation, exotic beaches, and remarkable shores. The beaches have excitingly clean emerald water ideal for swimming. While staying in Paxi Island, you would want to live like a local, with all of the benefits. Here are some of the tips we think you would need to succeed in blending into the culture of this wonderful island of adventures

Go Fishing

Fishing is a popular profession for locals in Paxi Island. Due to the abundance of seas and rivers in Paxi Island, taking part in a fishing trip is easy and fun. Fishes caught can either be eaten or sold in the fish market. Fishing is a very profitable business in Paxi Island, so you’re going to enjoy the scenarios of buying and selling as the locals do. Some people also fish for fun, not majorly as an occupation. Locals in Paxi Island don’t purchase imported fishes but go fishing and naturally get their fishes. One of the villages in Paxi Island best for fishing in Loggos, so pack your bags, get a hotel, and be ready to explore the seas hunting for fish. 

Paxi Island

Eat Local Dishes

To live like a local in Paxi Island, you must eat their local foods. There are a lot of delicious delicacies prepared by locals in Paxi Island, which includes Pastitsada, Veal Sofrito, Scorpionfish, Savoro, and Tsiligourdopita, among many others. You can learn how to prepare these dishes as they are easy to cook. You can buy these local foods at the local restaurants. Local drinks, tea, and coffee are also available at tea shops and bars. You can also find hand made drinks from vendors and local stores. Locals in Paxi Island rarely visit international restaurants, so, living like a local, you don’t have to visit international restaurants. 

Reside In A Local Area

Living with locals in Paxi Island is one of the important ways to experience their lives. When you stay in an environment full of locals, you’ll learn how they do things, think, and engage in activities. Engaging with locals becomes easier when you live near them, so they don’t shun or ignore you. When you get an apartment in an area where most locals live, as time goes on, you will see that you start to live like a local yourself consciously or unconsciously. Build friendship, try to learn the local language, and engage in constructive conversations. If living like a local has made you wish to be a local permanently then consider buying a property in Paxi via

Paxi Island

Make Purchases From Local Stores

To live like a local, you don’t have to buy things you need from international Paxi Island stores. Once the stuff you are looking for can be found in the local stores, make purchases from them. You hardly see locals buying things from an international store. Buying from local stores doesn’t only improve the economy of the island; it also helps you connect to their history and culture.

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