Best Holiday Gift Ideas: Camping Toys on the Go

It’s Road Trip Season! Most families take advantage of the holiday season to take time out and go for an overnight stay away from home.

When a family goes camping, the van is packed to the ceiling especially when you have kids. When travelling with kids, toys and games to engage in is an important part of your travel arsenal.

Aside from bringing a fishing pole and arts and crafts to entertain your kids, here are some of the great camping toys on the go gift ideas to bring along during a road trip.

Remote Control Stunt Car

RC stunt car is an ideal gift for 6-12 years old kids. Fun never stops watching its 360 degrees double side flipping skill. Those small hands can easily control the remote control and can push levers to drive the rc stunt car forward, backward or reverse and even fancy stunts like 360° spin and 180° flip on both sides.

Equipped with 2 powerful motor system, this 4-wheel drive can go in enclosed environments so as in multi-terrains.

It is also safe to play for children as it is made of premium ABS plastic and non-toxic explosion-proof PVC materials.

It’s 4.8V 700mAh rechargeable battery and 2.4GHz transmitter and far control distance enable multiple players to race with the RC car at the same time.

Toys on the Go

RC Remote Control Car Toy

Get your whole family play together with RC racing car. Build and develop your kids teamwork and social skills through team play. Its 50 minutes play time will definitely give ample time to finish a thrilling power play.

An ideal remote-control racing car beginner toy gift for ages 6-12 years old as it is designed with an easy-to-learn remote controller with quick and precise response.

An RC car that can drift and reach up to a speed of 12-18km/h, giving you an exciting drift experience.

Toys on the Go

Robots for Boys and Girls

RC Gesture Control Robot can entertain your kids during a long road trip. It can sing 5 songs with slow movements and eye light flashing, and can also perform functions like dancing, driving, singing, narrating, and slow walks.

RC robot reacts to hand gesture commands to move left, right, forward and backward. It has a built-in sensor which can detect and avoid obstacles and more importantly it is programmable. The robot toy can input 50 motion commands and demonstrate a set of actions that the child enters through the remote control.

The intelligent robot is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly ABS plastic to achieve long-lasting durability and health safety.

Battery can last up to 60 minutes and rechargeable via USB cable that comes with the robot.

Toys on the Go

RC Dinosaur Robot

It is more exciting to bring a RC Dinosaur robot on a camping trip. The perfect setup to play and reminisce the mighty tyrannosaurus is outdoors as it can roar with great might when shaking its head and tail and comes with LED eyes and vivid sound which make it more realistic.

It also has multiple functions like head interaction, simply touch the interactive respondent area in the head, RC dinosaur would interact with shaking head and wagging tail, even different voice with multiple touches. It also has built-in songs, can dance and fight as it is equipped with sucker bullets on its back to perform battle action.

It is a perfect gift for children 3 years old and above who are hooked into the dinosaur charms.

Toys on the Go

Robot Dog Toy

An intelligent Robot Dog is a great bionic pet to bring along when staying outdoors. When you cannot tag along your pet on a camping trip, this robot toy dog looks like a real dog in behavior and is a perfect company for your kid.

It has programmable functions, equipped with many talent, skills and powerful memory, thus can show many actions after receiving a command like, walking, speaking, singing or dancing.

Easy to maintain and rechargeable with the use of a 5V output charger with the included USB cable.

Toys on the Go


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