The Most Expensive Luxury Villas in Mykonos

Luxury Villas in Mykonos

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With the number of tourists choosing Greece’s country for their summer holidays continually increasing, the rental prices of holiday homes have started to rise significantly, especially in the most popular destinations. But nowhere like Mykonos, where the island’s luxury villas are rented for more than 11,000 euros per week. The prices show that Mykonos and Santorini, to a lesser extent but equally important, now attract tourists with very high incomes.

According to published data, the most expensive area of ​​the island of winds is Platis Gialos. The cost of renting a luxury villa by a family with two adults and two children for a week in August exceeds 11,000 euros per week. Of course, the rents are adjusted depending on the month, the area, and the quality of the villa. What are the most expensive and luxurious villas that can be found on the island of Mykonos?

Aegean Jewel

A real palace, the Aegean Jewel, consists of three different buildings with 13 beds and 14 bathrooms. In front of this stunning villa, there is, of course, a beautiful infinity pool that almost “touches” the sea and is surrounded by ultra-modern furniture and sun loungers on the terrace, where you can relax under the hot summer sun. It also has a helipad, an open-air cinema and a business centre. The minimalist architecture that prevails throughout the villa’s interior and the elegance of the decoration can hardly be found in any other settlement on the island. Finally, in the surrounding area of ​​Aegean Jewel, there is a chapel, which also belongs to the whole settlement.

Luxury Villas in Mykonos

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Luxury Villa in Faros, Armenisti

With stunning panoramic views of the sea and the Mediterranean sunset, this property offers seclusion and privacy along with vibrant rhythms of life. Suitable for enjoying a cocktail party with your friends under the stars or a family dinner watching the sunset behind the horizon.

Opening the main door, you enter the spacious rooms that are heated by the sun. White is the predominant colour in the refined wall painter’s palette, while it included shades of blue, grey and beige that harmonize with the graphical environment. Two swimming pools, cosy terraces, elegant pergolas, flowering plantations, and spacious rooms will satisfy both the quiet owners and nightlife lovers.

Chateau in Pirgi

Mykonos is one of the most attractive destinations globally, and the Chateau building comes to confirm this claim. It is located on an area of ​​10,000 sq.m. in Pyrgi, between the bay of Paradise and the beach Super Paradise.

This minimalist, modern property – consisting of two houses – is the epitome of elegant, contemporary Cycladic style. The sunlight floods through the stone wall, from the floor to the ceiling, which creates a healthy glow of prosperity. A discreet pool, glistening in the summer sun, stretches to infinity.

This is a dazzling house designed with a light touch of architecture. The charming outdoor areas bring the countryside to the fore, while at the same time there is a relaxed flow between the total 17 bedrooms. Elegant, traditional tile adorns the house under your feet. You can lie down on a soft sofa with stunning views of the blue Mediterranean. It is a pleasant private mansion, where luxury is delivered with character and quality.

Luxury Villas in Mykonos

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Some of the most amazing settlements in the world can be found on the beautiful island of Mykonos. Of course, the above villas are aimed at a very specific portion of the public, but this does not create any problem to rent a luxury villa for your stay on the island. And before you rush to the conclusion that renting a villa is unprofitable, think again. The financial offers of Divine Property allow you to rent a luxury villa for you and your family, enjoying all the benefits that you will probably be deprived of by renting a similar luxury hotel room in Mykonos. After all, an entire villa available to you is clearly superior to a luxury suite, isn’t it?


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