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5 Reasons To Visit Mongolia At This Time Of Year

5 Reasons To Visit Mongolia At This Time Of Year


The summer in Mongolia is hot, with temperatures peaking during the months of July and August, which happens to be the time when most foreigners visit. The height of the tourist season, July and August are best avoided, unless you want to pay top prices, that is. The best time to visit Mongolia is in September or October, before the crippling winter sets in, and this time of year sees Mongolia much quieter, yet temperatures are still bearable.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should travel to Mongolia during the months of September or October.

1. The Gobi Desert – This is a must-see venue and in the summer it is unbelievably hot, with temperatures topping 50C, whereas in September and October, the weather is milder and the harsh winter has yet to arrive. Situated in the South of Mongolia, there are wonderful tourist camps in the Gobi Desert where you can experience the life of the local people, who are extremely hardened by life in the desert.

2. The Window of Cool Weather – Mongolia is a country of extremes and in order to avoid the crippling heat of the summer and the bone chilling winter, you should plan to be there either in September, or the first half of October, when there is a window for milder weather. The best way to experience Mongolia is by booking a berth on the Trans-Siberian express, where you can plan a few stop offs in this amazing land called Mongolia.

3. Fewer Tourists – As you might expect, the summer is the time when most people want to visit Mongolia, and prices reflect this. If you want a quieter time, September is the ideal month to plan your visit, as temperatures are cooler and the harsh winter has yet to arrive.  Obviously, you will want to spend some time in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar and without the many tourists of the summer months, prices are lower and you will not experience crowds.

4. Watching the Wildlife – If you visit the wilderness areas in the summer months, don’t expect to see too much wildlife, as most animals take shelter from the harsh sun during the hot summer days, preferring to feed at night. In September and early October, however, you will be able to see a diverse selection of birds and animals during the day, including the camels that graze on the scarce patches of grazing land.

5. A Comfortable Climate – The summers are incredibly hot and stuffy and only the locals are at home in the stifling heat, while winters are bitterly cold and only for the very hardy travelers. This leaves a short period of 6-8 weeks at the end of the summer, when the temperatures are much more suitable for touring.

Whatever your preferences, the best way to experience Mongolia is by train and if you book with an established Trans-Siberian Railway tour operator, you can get the most out of your Mongolian holiday experience. An online search will help you to locate such a tour operator and with their help, you can plan the perfect holiday in Mongolia.


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Marvelous Destinations To Visit Before You Die!

Marvelous Destinations To Visit Before You Die!

As we all know, traveling is one of the most valuable things that we can do with our time and money. From celebrating the differences between cultures to challenging ourselves into self-development, there’s a reason why everyone loves to travel. In the spirit of experiencing all that the world has to offer, we have compiled a list of marvelous destinations to visit before you die which will, at the very least, inspire a sense of awe and wonderment.

Be sure to stock up on all of your essential supplements before you leave, because you want to stay healthy while you travel to maximize your experience. Reviewy will tell you more on some of the more reliable brands available on the market.  

Supplements sorted and your bags packed, here is our list of must-see destinations!

Machu Picchu, Peru – The Incan City in The Sky

Marvelous Destinations
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Machu Picchu, meaning Old Mountain, is an Incan citadel built on a mountaintop in Aguas Calientes. Made up of a multitude of sprawling ruins; including a variety of temples, terraces and water channels, underground structures, and even a hidden museum. A UNESCO world heritage site, 1 of the new 7 wonders of the world, and thought to be a portal for the soul; the Incan city in the sky is a marvelous destination to visit.

While You’re There…

Be sure to check out:

  • Cusco and the Sacred Valley – Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge and the ancient hidden tunnels
  • The Amazon Rainforest
  • The Boiling River – of the Amazon
  • Kuélap Fortress
  • The Nazca Lines
  • Iquitos – for an ayahuasca retreat

Hang Son Doong, Vietnam – The Jungle Inside A Cave

Son Doong Cave, Vietnam
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Found in 1991 and explored in 2009, the Hang Son Doong cave is so large that it has its own forest and river inside of it! Estimated at 3 million years old, this ‘world within our world’ cave is 5 km long and up to 200 m tall in some places – making it one of the biggest caves known to man. This site (located in the Phong Nha-K? Bàng National Park, B? Tr?ch District, Qu?ng Bình Province of Vietnam) was opened up to tourists in 2013 and tours are only offered by 1 company. If it’s a little out of your price range or you can’t wait for a flight – check out the educational virtual reality tour of the cave here which includes audio.

While You’re There…

Be sure to check out:

  • The Golden Hand Bridge
  • Am Phu Cave
  • Ho Thuy Tien Park
  • Hang Sung Sot
  • Da Lat Crazy House
  • Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park

Kyoto, Japan – The Place To Connect With The Elements

Kyoto, Japan
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Rich in Japanese heritage from Geisha’s to tea ceremonies, cherry trees to majestic mountains, ancient Buddhist temples to Shinto shrines; the peaceful city of Kyoto is overflowing with culture and awe. Located in a valley in the Kansai region of Japan, it’s said that by visiting the Guardian temples of the four quarters, you can connect with each element, balance out the power in your body, and become closer to nature.

While You’re There…

Be sure to check out:

  • Beppu
  • Cat Island
  • Ghibli Museum
  • Yakushima forest
  • Jigokudani Monkey Park
  • Gunkanjima Island
  • Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine
  • Narusawa Hyoketsu (Ice Cave)

The Northern Lights – The Luminous Solar Wind

Marvelous Destinations
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Known as Aurora Borealis and thought to be the energy of the ascended masters, this display of magnificent lights is the result of excited solar particles colliding with atmospheric gases. They can be seen in the “auroral zone” at a latitude of 66 to 69 degrees north and can be seen from Alaska, Iceland, Northern Canada, Norway, Finland, Russia, and Sweden. These vibrant rays of lights at night are definitely a sight to be seen.

Other Incredibly Noteworthy Destinations Include:

  • Giant Crystal Cave at Naica Mine, Mexico
  • Fly Geyser, Nevada
  • Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway
  • Salar De Uyuni in the Potosí and Oruro Departments, Bolivia
  • Hanging Temples of Hengshan, China
  • Marble Caves, Chile Chico
  • Lake Natron, Tanzania
  • Bohonagh (place of the fairies), Ireland
  • The Wave, Arizona
  • Fingal’s Cave, Ireland
  • The Devil’s Kettle, Minnesota
  • Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska
  • Cenotes in Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • Travertine Pools, Turkey

From ancient cities to hidden worlds, unique environments and incredible sky displays, to everything else in between, we have highlighted but a few of the amazing places that deserve a spot on your bucket list. The world is full of incredible destinations and we owe it to ourselves to try and see, as well as experience, as many of these marvels as possible.

Lacing Up for Katherine: Beautiful Trekking Territory

Lacing Up for Katherine: Beautiful Trekking Territory

Camping at Katherine Gorge

There are not too many people who have been on one of the many different hiking tours in and around Katherine in the Northern Territory, Australia that have come away feeling disappointed. On the contrary, most visitors to this region of the Territory are so impressed with the trekking trips they go on that they do not hesitate to recommend a visit to Katherine to friends and loved ones. However, in order to make the most of what should be a once in a lifetime experience hiking in Katherine, it is imperative to plan well before embarking on your trip.

And not only is it important to ensure we have packed our bags with all the essential hiking gear appropriate for Katherine terrain, but we should also start the day with an invigorating swill of tea or similarly refreshing beverage. Of course, by starting the day off in the right manner, we should be able to enjoy a successful walk around what can be a challenging area to trek in. There are lots of things that all hikers in the Northern Territory should adhere to in order to have a safe hiking trip including the ones listed here:

  1. Ensure to make check-lists
  2. Be equipped to source water in case of emergencies
  3. Keep a roll of duct tape for quick repairs
  4. Evenly distribute equipment and food on a group hike
  5. Carry extra boot laces


Booking Up

Katherine Gorge walk

Adventurous travellers looking forward to going on numerous hikes in and around Katherine would be wise to spend time searching for the more suitable accommodation for their trip.

Whether you plan to stay at Mataranka to experience the thermal pools there, or you fancy setting up camp in Nitmiluk National Park, it should not be difficult to source the kind of place you will find more appealing to get your head down at night. What some people looking for the better Katherine accommodation deals will do is take their time with booking up their place in order to avoid missing out on a particular hiking experience in this region of NT. One thing is for certain, lovers of the great outdoors who will be hiking around Katherine will be keen to stay at one of the many camping sites so they can experience real outback living.

By taking the opportunity to get closer to nature by choosing to camp out under the stars whilst on a hike in Katherine, travellers with this approach are bound to feel like they have truly achieved something quite special.

Travel Blogs

One way to document an adventurous hike over rough terrain in Katherine would be to start a travel blog. Indeed, even if we do not have the time to make an entry every day, it is still great fun to record the day-to-day activities we have undertaken regardless of when we are able to put our thoughts down in the form of an interesting blog. By taking the time to look at travel blogs for inspiration, hiking enthusiasts itching to experience the challenging walks in Katherine should feel like they have been there already.

Reading blogs written by people who have similar travel tastes to us will help us feel more empowered when we decide to plan our next trip to Northern Territory, Australia. Moreover, inexperienced hikers could end up with the kind of insight into this kind of activity that will help them avoid making silly mistakes. Fortunately, it really does not take too long to find well-written and informative travel blogs about hiking in Katherine, NT.


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What If You’re Given a Day to See Madrid

What If You’re Given a Day to See Madrid

Tenerife, Marbella, and Playa Blanca  –  these are just three of the many Spanish isles that are touted as the most sought-after Iberian getaways, with millions of tourist from around the world visiting these island getaways.

But, if you’re a first time visitor to Spain, skip these prime destinations, and instead, go for its beautiful capital– Madrid. Not only does it offer loads of fun, but furthermore, it must be one of the cheapest European cities, if not the cheapest. That means, you get the most out of your hard-earned euro, whether it be food, visiting sights and attractions, or buying souvenirs.

What if you are given just a day to roam around and see Madrid. Honestly, it is such an amazing place that there is so much to see and do. It might take one more or less a month to experience and enjoy what Madrid has to offer.

Indeed, if you have only one day to see Madrid, here are the must-see sites and attractions to visit and relish:

  1. Palacio Real de Madrid

The Royal Palace of Spain is first on your list of must-see sites, if you have only one day to visit the city.  It is one of the grandest and most pompous in all of Europe, where every nook and corner is decorated with precious artwork and lavish furniture. And for only 11 euros, you have the chance to marvel at the Official Residence of the King of Spain.

  1. Catedral de la Almudena

Perhaps, the most visited church in Madrid, Catedral de la Almudena is also the most popular since it is recognized as the seat of Catholicism in all of Spain. Just in front of the Palacio Real Madrid, most of the city’s religious celebration is celebrated in this cathedral. It is open 7 days a week, up until 8:30PM, and the entrance is free, although a small donation of 1 euro is requested, the money will be used for the continuing maintenance of the cathedral.

  1. Retiro Park

Parque el Buen Retiro is the official park of Spain, grazing a vast land in the middle of the city. Here you will find the gargantuan man-made lake or estanque, where the monument to Alfonso XII stands. Likewise, popular landmarks found within are the famous Crystal Palace, which was used as the venue for the 1916 exposition, and the Palacio de Velasquez.

  1. Puerta del Sol

The Gate of the Sun in English, Puerta del Sol is a popular square of Spain, and situated within the heart of the touristy area of Madrid Centro. Be astonished by this plaza surrounded by boutiques of all kinds, restaurantes serving various Spanish comidas, and numerous souvenir shops offering trinkets, postcards,shirts, and various similar items that will help tourists remember Madrid by, In the middle of the square is the impressive fountain around which people gather and idle by, the equestrian statue of Rey Carlos III, and the statue of El Oso and El Madroño, one of the popular symbols of the city.

  1. Museo del Jamon

Speaking of comida Español, the one that is nearest to these attractions is the Museo del Jamon, a popular restaurant that offers a great variety of delectable Spanish fare. Tourists should not leave Madrid and not pass by Museo, if only to have a taste of its bocadillo de jamon or camarones (squid). Paella, a traditional rice dish, is also a favorite dish among locals and tourists. Order the seafood or marinera paella — I assure you that its taste is heavenly.

  1. Plaza Mayor

Another popular square, Plaza Mayor Madrid is gargantuan in size, a sprawling enclave with main gates and arches at strategic areas serving as access points. Tourists troop to the modern Tourism office of Madrid, the headquarters of which is the Casa de la Panaderia, one of the buildings enclosing the plaza. Did you know that the Plaza Mayor once served as a bullfight stadium? And that the defeated bulls were brought to a nearby carneceria. Now, the place is home to a great number of businesses and establishments, making it a highly busy tourist spot of Madrid. Come the Yuletide season, the square is brightly lit with a thousand or so colorful Christmas lights, and the center area becomes the spot where the Nativity scene display is put up for everyone to see.


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How To Get Around New South Wales

How To Get Around New South Wales

New South Wales

NSW is by far the country’s most populous state and travelling from Sydney to any other places in NSW is a common occurrence. In this post, we look at several transport options worth considering.


Flying is probably the best way to cover the large distances in Australia in as short a time as possible. The country has a number of domestic airlines that serve all the capital cities along with several regional cities, making it a quick and favoured way to travel between the country’s many iconic destinations. Since competition is rife between domestic airlines, you can get great value fares, especially when booking in advance.

There is also the option of hiring Sydney HeliTours helicopter charters. This is a fast and efficient way to travel around New South Wales and means that, via helicopter, you will arrive at your destination quicker, saving you a great deal of time. It also means you won’t have to rely on airline schedules – you get to fly off whenever you want to.

Getting Around by Bus

Bus and coach travel in the country is efficient, comfortable and not badly priced. The country’s long-distance coaches usually have air conditioning, adjustable seats, reading lights and in some cases, free Wi-Fi. Australia’s national coach operator also offers hop on hop off passes for the more popular routes, flexible passes and short trip passes – all based on the distance you want to travel.

Using a Car to Get Around

In Australia, there is a vast network of well-maintained roads and, perhaps, some of the most stunning road trips on our globe. While the drives vary in length, you can choose from an array of routes to get to your destination. Some routes may take several days, but you can enjoy beautiful attractions along the way, along with plenty of accommodation choices and loads to do in the villages and towns you pass through. Once you get to NSW, you can go on so many scenic drives, such as the 300km Snowy Valleys Way where you travel through the Snowy Mountains; or the 200km Waterfall Way. If you’re a foodie, you should travel along the Poachers Way, a stunning food and wine trail.

Getting Around by Train

Train travel in Australia is convenient and another scenic way to see the country. Services run between Sydney and other areas in New South Wales, as well as along the country’s east coast to Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne.  There are even some sensational rail journeys such as the Indian Pacific and The Ghan that sweet right across the continent and offer a sense of romance and nostalgia.

Getting Around with a Disability

Ferries, buses, trains, airlines and helicopters in Australia are accessible to people using a mobility device or wheelchair. The airport alone provides services for those people with disabilities and there’s always someone on hand at helicopter charters to assist with getting on and off the aircraft.

Overall, if you’re looking for the fastest way to get around New South Wales, consider a helicopter charter. It’s affordable, scenic and incredibly quick!