The Ultimate Western Australian Road Trip Guide

If you are planning to drive through Western Australia, you are certainly in for a treat, and with so much to see and do, the trip will be a memorable one. If you are arriving by air, Perth International Airport would be the obvious choice, where you can rent a vehicle and set off on … Read more

Amazing Road Trips that are worth checking out in New South Wales

Australia offers a plethora of summer activities. With unbeatable surfing, beautiful beaches and diverse wildlife, what better way to see what Australia has to offer than with a road trip. While there are many terrific road trips in Australia, New South Wales is home to many amazing drives that are worth checking out. Here is … Read more

Terrific Summer Road Trips for Locals in Australia

Australians live in one of the most beautiful, vast and under-populated countries on the planet, but how many of us actually get to experience the beauty of this great land firsthand? If you’d like to see more of our immensely beautiful country, a country we’re all proud to call home, why not look at taking … Read more

5 Essentials To Take On A Road Trip

Many people plan their road trips a few weeks beforehand, however due to their excitement, they tend to be a little spontaneous when packing. Because of this, it is important to plan and pack quite earlier before you set off.

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Take A Physical Map

Since the creation of navigation systems and smart phones with built in GPS, most people don’t bother with physical maps, especially since they aren’t always the easiest things to read. However, you can’t always count on your electronics to work, so it is always safe to keep a physical map in the glove compartment or under the seat just in case.

Don’t Forget Snacks and Water

Road trips can be quite tiring, as there is limited physical movement in the car. To stay hydrated, it is important to drink lots of water and eat small meals at regular intervals. Rest stops can end up costing quite a lot, as service station and fast food restaurants are often quite expensive. Stay clear of these hefty costs and don’t forget to pack enough snacks and water, to last the duration of the trip. 

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5 Unique Tourist Destinations for a Scenic Drive

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful scenic drives in the world, but when travelers have seen all there is to see, what’s left? Luckily, there are numerous scenic drives all over the world that are equally or more enchanting than Australian drives in unique ways. Before the next holiday is planned, consider these five unique tourist destinations.

1. Western Desert, Egypt

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Cairo, Egypt provides some of the most ancient scenery compared to others locations around the world. Travelers will get to view the famous pyramids and spectacular oases such as Siwa, Kharga, and Dhakla. This desert drive runs along the River Nile. This historical river holds the key to how one of the greatest civilizations thrived. Some people often camp in this area to experience the way it once was in past times. The desert is peaceful, and it is an affordable way to holiday.  

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