Why Bother Getting Travel Insurance?

That vacation you’re about to take is supposed to get rid of your stress, but if your travel plans go awry, it might actually cause you stress!  That is, unless you have travel insurance.

Travel insurance isn’t required for you to step foot on a plane or ship, but getting it is a really good idea!  Without it, you risk getting hit with expensive medical bills, paying for everything you lost when the airline misplaced your luggage, and even footing the bills for plane mishaps.

Think about it — if you go to a foreign country on vacation, your regular medical insurance may not cover you.  What happens if you get sick or injured?  What if you need to get home in an air ambulance?  Before you know it, you could rack up tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses!

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Travel Insurance, is it worth it?

Planning a vacation feels like a job. It’s well worth it, though – once you reach your destination you can kick back and relax for a week or two. Protect yourself even more with travel insurance. That way, you really won’t have to worry about a thing as you lounge in the sun or visit museums in Europe.

travel insuranceMany people don’t opt for travel insurance because they don’t expect anything bad to happen during their time away. This is exactly why you need travel insurance, though. You really can’t plan for the unexpected, but you can make sure you’re protected in case the worst happens. Learn the basics of travel insurance to decide if it’s a good option for you. 

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