Hidden Attractions of London City

Planning a London visit in future but do not want to be mobbed by the multitudes of tourists at hot attractions of the city! Then, how about venturing into the secret attractions of the city that are still undiscovered, that are still not saturated by the sea of tourists. Moreover, these attractions have their own unique charm that will keep you spellbound. Here are the topmost hidden attractions of the city:

Dennis Severs’ House


At first glance, this house appears to be a typical Georgian terraced house in Spitalfields. However, on a closer look you will discover its uniqueness. Step behind the front door and get transported to an eighteenth-century ambience where you will feel that someone is still residing in this house. Dennis Severs, a native of California took the charge of recreating the house of imaginary family of Huguenot silk-weavers.

This place is kind of a time-capsule where everything has been infused with the touch of 18th century. As you slip into this house, you will find an unkempt bed, half-eaten meal as if someone has just left the house. The impressive architecture and detailed carvings will simply blow you away as well. 

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