Hottest Trends in Lightweight Travel Accessories

Travel accessories are one of the things we don’t think about all that often, surprising given that they’re something we travel with from place to place and have to deal with all the time. If you’re going to be moving around through crowded areas and carrying things around you might as well look good and feel good doing it. The trends are toward lightweight, durable and good looking. If you’re going to be travelling light and looking good here are some of the latest things that you should be looking out for. Happy travelling.

travel accessories

Polycarbonate Resin

This doesn’t exactly sound like something fashionable and quality but all it’s really missing is a nice name. This is a lightweight, ultra durable and rather sleek looking material that used to be used to make bicycle helmets bulletproof glass and riot shields. That should tell you about all you need to know on the subject of just how hard this is. Something like this doesn’t break under anything less than deliberate effort. It’s also lightweight enough that it should save you valuable money on the baggage check in. Also it shines, reflects light, it’s kind of cool looking if you’re into that sort of thing.

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