When in Rome

Rome is one of the cities where you can usually count on a good weather. To fully enjoy the immeasurable number of priceless works of art such as museums, churches, basilicas, temples, parks, garden, theatres, piazzas up to the extent of exploring the nooks of this ancient city is to walk. Being regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful ancient cities you need to keep your eyes open to totally experience and appreciate its timeless beauty and grandeur.

Most travelers say that it is in Rome where you’ll discover those unexpected finds as you stroll and wander the streets. Among the must-see places in Rome are as follows:


St Peter’s Basilica



St Peter’s Basilica is always the first stop among the Roman Catholics. It is a Late Renaissance church considered as the home of the Roman Catholic Church. This basilica found in Vatican City is one of  the largest churches in the world  and most renowned work of Renaissance architecture. Being regarded as one of the holiest Catholic sites it has become one of the most important centres for Christian pilgrimage.

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