Young, Free and Single? 8 Holiday Destinations for Party Goers

You’re young, good looking and bored of your local town’s slightly depressing nightlife scene, which consists of couple of grotty clubs that everyone packs into and a handful of pubs dominated by grumpy old men. Surely it must get better than this?

It does.

Modern travel is cheap and almost entirely painless compared to in the not-so-distant past. Since the fall of communism in the early 90’s, large parts of the world, which were previously out of bounds, have opened up to tourism and countries now compete to welcome visitors in their droves. Whereas once the youth of society had to content themselves with dressing as either Mods or Rockers and scrapping by the seaside, today’s singletons can escape Britain’s sodden, wind-swept town centres and focus on what they really want. Having fun. If you know that you want to get away from the UK but are uncertain of where to go, take a look at this list of 8 of the best destinations for dance-mad clubbers.

1. Lagos, Portugal

For endless beach parties, amazing water sports and all night drinking, Lagos takes some beating. Your Mum would want you to take plenty of Factor 30, because it’s going to be hot!

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